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180 degree turn

Priestess Pamela

Retreat with Relics

Any ordinary family house in the city suburbs that it is presided over by a Spiritual Master takes on a new quietness, a holy stillness, a synthetic sacredness. It must become an exclusive and open channel for Her or His Holiness.

It is no longer a domestic niche for family and status: door lentils for measuring growth, carpets for wearing out, furniture for rearranging, beds to replace cots or wallpaper to be replaced to match recent trends. And it is not for her or his disciples to put down roots there as was intended, for their roots are already set in the Beloved who resides in paradise. They are pilgrims you see, and their residence, wherever it is, is a tent. They barely graze its structure.

It is not safe now for precious Masters to be outside the crowded tower blocks and urban sprawl. Gone are the days when they could retreat for years into dark caves or dusty desert palaces with their exquisite mosaics and cool inner courtyards. In fact, recently the drought has been so severe that they might combust at any time if they did! It is the Beloved’s will that we respond to his anger expressed in the world with only a deepening of our prayers and a cherishing of our Master here in the broken city.

Sunrise among the cement and glass towers and the spaces between them takes some getting used to after such baked palaces and gädam, shrines.  The Beloved One is testing us more and more radically so that the severity of our environment becomes irrelevant to our devotion to Him.  The storms and hurricanes, the torrential rain and flooding, the fierce forest fires and earthquakes, the drought and air pollution are staged exactly to make us stronger in our trust in Him.

We must retreat from this daily declining world in order to purify and to climb higher and higher to make the perfect union with Him possible.  But after our morning prayers and drawing of the first water before dawn, we cannot resist running to peep round the lace at his His exquisite light pouring between the tower blocks so that it may shine on us and He will notice us.

It was sad when the present cataclysmic conditions of this human world forced us to leave our own desert shrine built around all Almu’s, our Master’s, ancestors’ graves for the last timeThe pilgrim caravan at the height of Ramadan was the perfect test! Ah, how wise our Almu is and how wide open is her channel to The Beloved One.

I must continue forever to vividly see the white minarets and flat roofs of that small community shimmering on the swaying horizon. It was like a beautiful date confectionary carefully wrapped in trembling palm arms above the oasis. This vision is and should always be an important part of my devotions: going back again and again to such miraculous luminous moments in my mind which surely can only be brought about by the King, the absolute perfection of the Beloved One. Such a paradise could only be made possible from His goodness!

The complex procedures and rituals for de-enshrining the relics and ancient treasures took time and the entire dedication of all our small isolated community there.  Then packing them on the camel troop needed expert and ancient desert techniques. But when we were all ready, swathed in our black hijab revealing only our eyes to the sky, then came the real test.  How could we equally swathe our tiny Master, Almu, extract her and lift her inside the tented seat available only to those who are already in a paradise capsule here in this low existence? But she was so strong, bidding a prophet’s farewell to her family and devotees.

‘arak fi aljana!    See you in paradise!’

It would be the last time in this suffering life to see them because of His anger at the proliferation of evil in the world.

Then thanks be to God, we completed the 3-day crossing to the city boundary, eating little except figs and palm nuts and sipping at perfumed leather water flasks after sunset.  We dared not stop, the swaying creatures below us somehow knowing the great significance of their mission.  And we……..well, we moved between the slit-mirages of heaven and earth with a longing to be held in Your strong arms again and again, O Beloved.

Now, there is no more time to spare for these devotions of a lowly mortal! The Master must be fed and I must go on typing her sacred words into letters and scriptures to leave behind to guide all remaining beings to paradise.

Today, I have given instructions for everyone to cover their noses and mouths with white masks even inside our rooms because of the dust driven into the city by violent sandstorms from the east. But this is no real hardship as our mouths are covered anyway, covered for You Beloved. And in these troubled days, the monastic rules are bent exceptionally to allow us to use a little money to buy cheap sunglasses to shield our eyes.  So, we must work even harder to keep His Divine light bright!  Ingenious tests, if we pass them, are surely leading us closer and closer to Heaven.







This is an expert from my latest novel ‘180 Degree Turn’ (working version). 

The story concerns the plight of developed peoples as the Earth rapidly approaches death.  In order to survive, there is no option but to accept the advice of tribal peoples, the original custodians of the Earth. This requires that all inhabitants make a choice to undergo training as custodians of the Earth or to follow their own reality and beliefs in gods and buddhas, in substances and other fictional deities. The whole of humanity must be turned to look inwards instead of outwards, where they will find their True Nature. 180 Degree Turn

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Trust in human beings

benefit seekers 1



When did we stop trusting in human beings and drop to our knees to defer to gods, buddhas, social media and so-called greater powers?

Why do we defer to apparitions, to fictional and romanticised beings that do not resemble human beings, when we are and are surrounded by real, pulsing beings endowed with a divine mission? 

It is time to focus ourselves on ourselves and those around us Now and Here!  We are constantly distracted from that because we are habitually seeking outside for solutions to our suffering.

WE have all the solutions right now if we only look and listen!

Indigenous peoples do not worship or seek benefits from remote fictional entities!  They revere their ancestors – the humans who first appeared in human form and made life on Earth possible, to whom they are always close even though their human term is ended.






It is not a question of beliefs!  Beliefs are dead redundant things hoarded by deluded minds when compared with living breathing trust and reverence!   

Instead of running to keep up with everything out there and feeling left behind if we fail to, just stand still and listen.  Out there is simply ‘noise’ which the intellectual mind has attributed meaning to!!  In here is reality and the glories of the indomitable human spirit.

You see, we actually are the gods and buddhas we search for in vain! And we’ve been here all the time and will always be here!





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children hypnotized children



consider the millions of human souls who have been distracted from their own True Nature by the beautiful words of philosophers and spiritual leaders


hypnotized 1


imagine the myriad unique spirits which have been hypnotized to follow others instead of following themselves


hypnotized 3


wonder what today’s world would be like if we had gathered enough courage to idolize ourselves as agents for human good and the acceleration of our evolution 


hypnotized 4

bring to mind all the energy we old humans lavish on relatively young imaginary beings when our own DNA as mammals is two hundred million years old and authentic


hypnotized 2


realize how you have allowed yourself to be so deeply hypnotized by the words of other ‘gods’ that you have entirely given up your chance of completing your own evolution and remain a complaining retarded child 




     But it’s never too late to pick up where you left off before the pendulum was swung! 


Start today to water your own seed with anything but words so that you can become the radiant playful new human so desperately needed in this time of synthetic tragedy!




                   Images courtesy of Linden Thorp
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‘Alien’ words



In the waking hours ahead of you today, there will be words which touch you and those which do not.  Some words touch your inner being but most do not because they are superficial, predictable.  This ‘feeling’ which grows when something touches you deeply is significant!  It is a tingling in your vast unconscious, the bulk of the iceberg beneath the mundane surface. The surface is inhabited by the burdensome ‘small’ man.

These alien words will give you both wings to soar through sky heights and strong feet to stand firmly in the very bottom of the gravitational field to find water for your roots.  

However, this may disrupt and distract you from the shallows of the mundane, but this ‘rocking of the boat’ will herald in homo novus, the new human.




Such words are seeds.  Let them settle in your heart when you are alone, without seeking anyone’s approval or support. Such seeds cannot be compared with words which have been surgically implanted through the centuries of sameness and conformity without your knowledge or approval.

So-called ‘great’ men have spoken to you in your language using words that were too understandable, shallow, facile.  So, stay with those words which are in a foreign tongue so that you can hear what you have never heard before.


seed words


‘Alien’ words are all about transformation into the new human, about moving to the next stage of the process of becoming fully human, in line with your True Nature. So listen out for the mysterious and mystical and embrace it!


Images courtesy of Linden Thorp



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Outside the Box


We are heavily socially conditioned beings, but if we stay aware,

we can think outside the box without rocking the boat.

The notion of time and the linear way we calculate it is an artificial man-

made idea. Chronological order according to this theory makes us old

after we are young, puts undeveloped before developed, makes being

late punishable and being early admirable.


Native peoples, on the other hand, see time as a dreaming circle in

which stars and seasons show us how we and the natural world approach

death. Death is a glorious moment of recognition not something to

shudder about.


We can become obsessed with clocktime one step after another,

convinced about its irreversibility, living in its tyranny, but if we step

outside the mind, beyond the visual field into the invisible, it is no

longer important.

look within

Awareness out in the field requires no ideas or theories. It is reality and

magic thrives there. So, please go beyond all this visual paraphernalia

for a little time each day and learn to long for the beginning that

physical death will bring to your personal energy.

It is release. It is moving on to the next stage of the process of spiritual






Images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita and Linden Thorp


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Believe: to hold dear, to esteem, to trust!


belief 4


Why do you choose to believe in others while you do not believe in yourself?

Is it because you do not trust yourself, that you think you are ridiculous, weak, intolerant, incapable, unproductive,……? Or can you only put your entire trust in someone or something outside you in faith that you will get something in return, something you need or desire?


Belief 3


What if I was to tell you that belief is a by-product of thought and thought is dead the moment its light is switched on – a mere flash?

It is simply a vibration that extinguishes quickly like tapping a bell. And what if there were no rewards at any time or in any place? Why do humans make so many conditions, and why oh why do you want to be saved? Saved from what and why? The phantoms of your mind hold you for ransom, infecting you with fear and the canker of speculation.  


There are 3 truths necessary to awaken you from this complete delusion of reward and yourself.

value life


Truth 1:  You do not know yourself.  

Your True Nature is carefully hidden behind a million masks and cardboard-cutout thoughts and beliefs.  You have forgotten how to reach yourself inside because you are always turned outwards yearning for then and there, a puppet controlled by the delusions of past and future. There is no-one or nothing that you should trust or believe in except yourself. Everything else is a clever distraction created by the conspiracy of the material! As you are the sole controller of the world you perceive, how can you not hold yourself dear, esteem yourself, trust yourself? Who can trust the simulacrum you have manufactured except other simulacra? 




Truth 2:  There are no rewards ever or anywhere.

No trading. Only sincere actions that move quickly and directly from the heart like a beautiful dragonfly. Giving is our greatest testament to happiness and balance in the material world. We are our own reward if we live from the heart in every moment.

Truth 3:  There is no-one to save you and nothing to be saved from.

Human life on this Emerald planet is paradise here and now. There may be suffering but we bring it on ourselves then dwell on it complaining constantly.  There would be no suffering if we really stayed here and now and embodied our divine spark. We are the gods and buddhas to believe in not figments and lures of the imagination. 




It is not too late to realise that each human is the way forward for our species and our planet. Not too late to understand that if we do not change nothing will change! Your unique mission is ready for your to take up if you turn away all the external distractions!




Images courtesy of Linden Thorp, OER Commons and megapixyl



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Can we love Imperfection?

Love of what is perfect holds no challenge. And so God, Buddha, Allah, and other magnetic spiritual leaders are always presented as perfect, inscrutable, flawless, and they are imaginary.  Therefore, it is easy to love God, Buddhas, Allah because they are remote to us, etched into our imaginations as paragons.

But we humans are flawed, imperfect, badly wanting and mercilessly judged/judging.  It is difficult to love humans of flesh and faults and yet we are placed where we cannot escape others unless we retreat from the world. Thus, it is the human who is to be overcome, nothing more. 

Humans needs no paragon for they are a process moving towards perfection.

True Love needs the other to be alive, awake, living fully. But we have forgotten how to live fully because we are asleep, turning away from our faults and flaws.

True love is love for love’s sake.  No reward either in hell or paradise.No other motive. Nothing to be gained.

That’s exactly why we have been dropped into this world of suffering where we cheat and lie, maim and kill, envy and covet so contaminated are we by the self-seeking world of form.

It is clear that all political, religious and philosophical leaders are poisoners.  They have brought this world to global suicide.

So, starting now and here, do not say ‘I.’

Instead perform ‘I,’ living fully in your True Nature.

                     Images courtesy of Linden Thorp and Creative Commons


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Homo Novus: the New Human



We can each create a new human deeply rooted in meditation, breathing in the still silence of the deepest recesses of the heart. A human who has moved out of the limited intellect wholesale and who uses the head simply as one fine tool of many. 


mystical turned to fact 1


A human whose priority is no longer logic, but the embodiment of love.

A human who does not care to be rich on the outside but is fascinated by the inner treasures of being.

A human who is fully awake and lit.

A human who is filled with a divine existence and is so overflowing with joy at its appearance that he wants to share it unstintingly with every other being.


knowledge 1


A human who has come back home from pointless questing outside.

A human who is definitively here and now.

The revolution is happening deep inside today!


Bodhi tree


Images courtesy of Linden Thorp and megapixyl


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natural born healers



alchemy 2


               Some say the Devil created the material Universe, the synagogue of Satan,

                                  trapping the element of Divine Light in each being,

                                                          making our innate goodness captive

                                                            in order to purify the world of evil.




If that is so, what a glorious mission we each have

acting out our roles in societies

while all the time our inner light glimmers on

purifying the evil that threatens to envelop us.




….so wonderful to know that our goodness if allowed to glow on and on

can transform this suffering world, that we are each

healers in our own right and have the power to introduce an exquisite and unique light 

into the darkness if we choose to.




images courtesy of Linden Thorp and Creative Commons


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thought vs meditation



Thinking, the pre-occupation of the world’s developed nations, is merely attachment to ideas and reactions to objects outside us in the environment.

Thinking brings about pain and discontent, delusion and distress, but worst of all, it has no connection at all to reality.

It launches us on to a pathway, but in the wrong direction, outwards towards the non-existent horizon and an eternal pointless quest.

It is unnecessary to human life, only concerns the will and the ego, and yet huge societies of civilized people occupy so much of their time with it.



Meditation, on the other hand, seen by the masses as the ‘hobby’ or indulgence of a few, has no connection with the exterior, neither with ideas nor objects.

Meditating brings about nothing but contentment and balance, insight and realization, but best of all, it sets us down in reality – in the lushness of the here-and-now.

It launches us on a pathway, in the right direction, inwards towards all existence and divinity.

It is essential to human life, reignites our divine spark and moves us on in the process of becoming fully human instead of a suspended, incomplete creation.


Thoughts are dead the moment they are thought, dropping heavily into the past tense. They are a duality and therefore separate the thinker from the thought.

Meditation is a direct and vibrant connection with the Universe. It is Oneness with all beings and phenomena. There is no separation. It perfects our True Nature.





Images courtesy of Linden Thorp


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Smothered by words

A group of people meeting each other for the first time sit in a room in a circle.  They are asked not to speak but just to look around.

As they look out at each other and their environment, all of them start to whisper descriptions of their circle mates inside their heads, some complimentary, some not. Meanwhile, they smile and long to talk with words which will help them to learn about these new people. Most of us are taught that words help us to learn about the world.

But thoughts and words are a sheer reaction to the outside world. Therefore, the individual True Nature of each person in the circle is not present. They are effectively each a constellation of words and thoughts and skin.

They are looking but only at the waves not the ocean, only at the clouds not the blue sky, only at the fingers pointing at the Moon not the Moon itself. They do not know the world directly because of the thick filters.

Then, they are told to close their eyes lightly.

They are reluctant. In unfamiliar territory. They become sleepy so ingrained are they that oblivious sleep comes when the immediate environment is curtained out. They are asked to resist becoming sleepy by not closing their eyes tightly, but keeping a sliver of light open and looking at the tips of their noses.

Once they have settled, then the words and thoughts are still there, but now they are combining the memories of the people in the circle with them. Words and thoughts plus memories now smother the actual experience of these people.

The faint presence of silence and being unable to speak becomes gradually uncomfortable. A little tension creeps into the body and breathing becomes shallower. A little anger, a little fear.  Questions arise. Indignant questions.  Questions are words in a particular arrangement which demand a reaction from someone else.  Again, the direct experience of the people in the circle is blocked out.

Soon frustration comes that no-one is answering. They are losing patience. They realize that their necks are braced so that their heads are facing forwards, that they are primed to look out, and yet, some strange thing is echoing behind them, in a place they cannot see. An unknown place which they have no words to learn about it with or memories to hold on to.


They fidget nervously.  They search frantically for a noun to cling on to. Even a verb would do.

They are asked to listen to the sounds in the immediate environment without trying to label or analyze them. Sound just for sound’s sake.  This relaxes them because sound has nothing to do with them. It is alien.  Undesirable because it is independent of words.

Then they are asked to listen to the sounds outside the room, again without labelling or analyzing. Some of them are nodding off by now.

No words. No diverse shapes, colors and textures to distract them. They are becoming sad. Their inner is dark, unfamiliar, nothing to do with them. They cannot make sense of it or learn from it.  Just darkness and alien sound.

Then, as the final instruction, they are asked to deepen their breath.


They become excited as the end of this unpleasant and unnecessary experience comes into view. The prospect is bright with its vibrant jungles of words and pictures, with heaps of knowledge already acquired and infinite amounts still to come. They breathe half-heartedly because they are eager to stop and get back to the enchanted jungles.

They are asked to allow their breath to deepen and to watch it as it drops lower in their body.

They give a little more attention to the task to get approval, but always they are aware of the welcome end of this scary experience.

Then suddenly, as they take another peep at the darkness inside, they catch sight of something moving. There are bubbles and a creature swimming. They try to know this presence with words…………

They are once more reminded not to try to label or analyze but just to receive anything they may feel or see or hear.

Now, addicted to images, they are impatient to know who or what this presence is. The questions roll in like breakers on a beach but they are forced to imagine their answers, to speculate. And so, everything else has disappeared from their minds – the circle mates and even memories of them, the scary darkness inside them, the strange attention to their breath, their dead thoughts….. all because of something they have seen.

Their drowsiness has disappeared,  but now they are convinced that they are the victims of a cheap brainwashing trick, convinced that the instructor has planted something in their brains or they have inhaled some hallucinogenic substance which has caused them to see this ghost in the dark abyss!

Soon they are instructed to gently open their eyes but to keep them from encountering any other eyes in the room. Now the questions are loud and aggressive but silent. Who or what was this strange presence inside them and who let it in there?

In time, they are told to open their eyes fully and look around the room. And to smile. They long to talk but are asked to refrain from words until instructed. Asked to look once more at their circle mates resisting labelling or analyzing.

Finally, they are told that they may speak to each other which they enjoy so much, talking frankly about how creepy this experience was and how it taught them nothing. They compare notes about the terrifying darkness and the blue creature.

Then parting the chatter with silence, a tall man looks over at the instructor with a knowing in his eye, and asks,

“Well, come on. Aren’t you going to tell us who you planted inside us? And how you did it?”

The instructor says that it was nothing to do with him.

“But who or what was that?”

The instructor says he cannot possibly comment but that it was probably their True Nature. They have never seen it before because they never look inside at the universe only out into the dream of the world.



Images courtesy of Linden Thorp and Mariko Kinoshita.

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The Origin of Meditation: Making Bonds with the Universe

This meditation article has just been published on! I’m delighted to collaborate with Kevin Ellerton, the Chief Editor. Our mission is identical – to make the resource of meditation available to all beings so that they can become truly happy.

Nirvana Linden

I’ve just published an article in

Please visit this wonderful magazine. Kevin Ellerton, the editor, is doing such a great job in spreading the magic of meditation. Meditation is the greatest resource foreach of us in the secular and plural age!

Screen shot mediagenic


The Buddha, founder of Buddhism, 2600 years ago made it clear that we should create and maintain bonds with the Universe even though we have been born into human life. This was a common notion in ancient India before his time.

The Universe encompasses everything that exists, according to our current understanding: spacetime, forms of energy and the physical laws that relate them, history, philosophy, mathematics and logic. Buddhists refer to the Universe, both visible and invisible phenomena, as the Dharma.

The Cathars (medieval Christian mystics pronounced heretics by the Church of Rome and exterminated) also were constantly connected to the spiritual or invisible world although…

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wisdom is the untarnished mirror view

it is unconditional, unbridled,

it is the encountering of our true nature

looking sincerely into such a mirror one sees the bodhisattva,

the divine being

the pure





images courtesy of megapixyl, Mariko Kinoshita and Linden Thorp


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the 3 minds




The sooner you can become a peak in your own right, the better. The valleys you create can then echo with your True Nature and resonate in response to other peaks.

Mind 1

It is easy to abdicate to others, to just give up at the goading of the intellectual mind. This mind simply compares and competes, and so divides. It is either ‘for’ or ‘against,’ either likes or dislikes, or is indifferent. These are all conscious choices.

Mind 2

Then the emotional mind feels overwhelmed by the achievements and ‘talents’ of others and withdraws. It is self-cherishing and attention-seeking, given to envy and self-doubt.

Mind 3

But if you close your worldly eyes and listen closely to the universal mind, you are listening to the totality, to the whole, to the transcendence, to the beyond. This ‘here and now’ has no single urge to fight or react or assert or doubt. It only responds like a valley echo and there are no choices, there is no duality.




So, let your unique peak grow up into the sky, the resonant valleys around deepening. You are a Buddha, a god, a Krishna, a Mahavir in the making. Your stout roots are the same roots embracing the crust of the Earth and our human divinity.


Inspiring images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita and

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One day ……


One day I woke up to the sound of music glorifying the embodiment of universal love.

I woke up in the vast field of human awareness and looked back at the bridge of my mind which I had finally found my way across.

All the clutter and obstacles thrown up by my intellectual mind had vanished!



Then, I could stand and call you,

encouraging you to hurry across your own bridge.

This is my mission.




One day I woke up to find that I had everything I needed to find true and lasting happiness inside me;

that it had been there all along like a priceless diamond sewn into the lining of my coat by a benefactor.

Then, I could tell you that you too have a massive jewel sewn into your coat lining.



One day, I woke up bathed in the fragrance of the love of all the Holy Beings,

but not separate from their essence.

One day, I woke up as love itself.

Images courtesy of, Mariko Kinoshita and Linden Thorp

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Soul Management: The Good, the Perfect


The Cathars, known also as The Good or Perfect Men and Women, were a sect of mystical Christians working secretly in western Europe to liberate all beings. They were accused as heretics by the Roman Church because they did not believe in the physical Jesus Christ born in a stable in Bethlehem, but instead a spiritual all-knowing divinity.

Eventually, they fled to the hilltop fortresses in Languedoc-Roussillion (see above) where they were exterminated by Christian soldiers! Or were they? Like the Holy Grail thought to be secreted in the same region and still undiscovered, their mysterious lives of service to all beings were mostly unknown, undocumented. But they predicted a Cathar revival in the 20th century, 850 years later, when the world would truly need their good and spiritual view of human existence.

Their creed was left for us people who have gradually moved into the bright electric lights of the secular, rejecting all things naturally sacred, snuffing out the divine spark we were endowed with at birth.



Here are the main tenets of that creed of ‘The Church of Love,’ written approximately 850 years ago, in 1244.

It has no fabric, no buildings or instruments, only understanding.

It has no membership save those who know they belong.

It has no rivals because it does not compete.

It has no ambition seeking only to serve.

It has no boundaries or barriers because they are unloving.

It acknowledges all great teachers of all ages who have shown the truth, and those who participate practise the truth in all their beings.

Those who are, know.

It seeks not to teach but be, and by being, enrich.

It recognizes that the way we humans are is the way of those around us because we are the way.

It recognizes the whole planet as a being of which we are part.

It does not proclaim itself with a loud voice but in the subtle realms of loving.

It has no hierarchy or structure, for no one is greater than another.

Each one will dedicate their life to the silent loving of their neighbour, environment and the planet while pursuing a useful task however exalted or humble.

It recognises the supremacy of love and seeks no reward here or in ten hereafter save the ineffable joy of being and loving.

Each one shall listen deeply without judgement to their neighbour, their community and the planet.

Each shall feel no fear, no shame, or harbour secrets and cling to the past.

It is certain that the power of love will change the world but only if each one changes themselves first.



The Bird and Web (see above) is their symbol: Human souls trapped in the web of the world.

If we can live according to this creed, we will overcome all evil in the world. We are each a diamond, eminently qualified to be Good, to be Perfect, and to cherish this short human life in its every moment.



Images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita and Linden Thorp:

The Caste of Puilaurens, Languedoc-Roussillion, south-eastern France –, Healing Hands and Seven Chakras –, Bird and Web – <b>© <a href=””>Alisen</a&gt; | <a href=”; title=”Premium Stock Photos”></a></b>, Diamond card –


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Go up to the Sky and down to the Earth to reveal your spirit. 

Sideways movement is meaningless: – status, wealth, knowledge – are finite commodities, entanglements. They are red herrings to our divine purpose in living in flesh.

Humans can evolve physically no further. This is the zenith of our humanness; we are the supreme animal, beautiful, proud, capable. So, now it’s up to us to recognize and come to know our consciousness as our essence which is composed of Divine Love and Light. 

Even the Planet Earth provides the grounding of gravity to keep us here-and-now.

In fact, the conditions are perfect for our perfection, so what is holding us back? We persist in being distracted by materials, by the dead past and the delusional future, continuing to deeply sleep in an intoxication.

Animals and plants and phenomena are their essence, no questions asked – they embody their spirit.  But we humans have to remember to embody it, to revolve it and see all its facets, to accept it entirely so we can live it. We have forgotten.  We are a process which is continually interrupted.

We are heavily hypnotized by the divisions and the differences – culture, creed, colour, gender, class, you, me  – but these are all imaginary barriers thrown up by society and so-called ‘civilization.’   They are simply utilities to enable order and progress! They have no single connection with the majesty of our individual souls or spirits.

You are a natural alchemist!

No ‘knowing’ is required. 

Just be now-and-here in every man-made moment held tenderly by Earth’s gravitational glove.

Focus on your Third Eye (Pineal Gland) located between your eyebrows to amalgamate the dreams and reality, and to dissolve all barriers.

     beautiful images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita and

Transformation into Light, Colours of India, female dancers, Caribbean Flamingos standing in a pond Geometry, Pattern with alchemy symbols, Reality of Soul Geometry

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I lived briefly with a tribe of Australian native people 11 hours by land cruiser south of Ayer’s Rock. Our group went to help them to move deeper into the scorching interior of Australia in order to return to ‘traditional desert life.’ Their tribal leader, Ninija, had decided that the aging and young of her people should return to their ‘Lands,’ turning away completely from white-fella comforts and handouts.

During this adventure, my view of human life completely changed.

The settlement we left consisted of primitive prefabricated housing and an airstrip. But not one member of the tribe lived inside the housing. Instead, they used it as a dumping ground for the heaps of material goods donated to them from white-fella do-gooders.

White Australians have always wanted to ‘civilize’ these desert people, to make them respectable, slaves to their average urban lives.



There is no such thing as a ‘gift’ to the desert dwellers and not one of the variety of items they receive is useful to their desert life: nylon dresses, leather shoes, plastic toys, kitchen equipment, tools made of metal. They accept them and then quickly let them pass through their fingers. They are soon added to the tall heaps of detritus inside their ‘unsuitable’ housing.

The day we left the settlement in our land cruisers loaded with prefabricated shade shelters to erect as the tribe walked in temperatures that most humans could never survive, Ninija and her people walked naked and barefoot. They carried nothing except their few custom-made possessions to negotiate the harsh Lands and climate:

Dilly bags woven from Mangrove string to carry their totemic badges of ‘Emu’ ‘Wombat’ Paper Tree,’ and so on; Wood and Grass carrying bowls (coolamon) sported on their heads, shoulders or against their bellies; custom-made digging sticks slung across their backs from ornate Kangaroo straps; beautifully crafted boomerangs for hunting; and perfectly cylindrical Hollow Log coffins containing the precious bones of their deceased.



As they slowly walked, the sheen of their black skins caught the strong sunlight and their blond and red topknots of wild hair blended in with the iron-rich ochre of the desert floor. They were joined occasionally by competing kangaroos on one side, and a massive flock of high Emus, great scratching Bird of the Lands, on the other.

They were walking away from ‘civilization,’ – known to them as ‘The Lands of Frowns and Fears,’ away from ‘safety.’ They had neither compass nor water flask. Walking away from health care and education; away from the culture of ‘the thinking’ stuffed with words and ideas.

Our ‘modern’ mobilized team followed them at some distance, kitted out in snake boots, fly-nets, clinging to our ‘possessions’ stashed away in brightly coloured waterproof rucksacks and pouches. We were highly protected by metal and glass, and cooled by powerful air-conditioning.



I have learned from these genuine custodians of the Earth, that a desireless state is a truly pure and happy state. It is ‘now’ and ‘here.’ Whereas, the future is a mirage and the past is dead.

I have learned that time itself does not move because it is only a crude device, another delusion; instead, the only movement is of our minds.

When our desires are frustrated, all of our negative emotions are generated because we cannot get our way. In complete contrast, not having any single desire is contentment, no craving, no worries or attachments. Naked and without possessions, we too can blend into the many natural realities of the universe.




All desires are a mirage or like the horizon: we can never reach them because they are imaginary, a hallucination, delusional. And yet, we persist in running after such pots of gold from the desire to possess them, to drag them like magpies do into our nests. In the end, the objects become our status, our identity, our values.



dreaming legends


A state without desires is purity itself. If we allow all desires to ebb away then we do not need to reach out to gods and deities for benefits or protections. We have all the resources we need to find absolute happiness and balance.

If we clear the bridge of the mind of such clutter, then we can walk straight out in the vast field of consciousness and awareness. There we can embody the divine, our original state.

Without worldly desires and clutter, we naturally embody the divine. This is our true human mission.





Images courtesy of megapixl, etc: all licenses at

The story of Ninija and my adventures has been written as a novel called ‘Easy-Happy-Sexy: on the Twelfth Day.’ If you want to read more about ‘desirelessness, and the ‘true custodians of Planet Earth’ please visit:


or watch the video trailer at:


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Now and Here



If you are really alive in the full flow of this very moment, the past is just dead thoughts and carefully selected memories, and the future is a projection and an unwelcome distraction from now.



If you are truly ‘now-and-here’ you want to spend as long as possible gazing at a candle flame with a still mind, delving deeper and deeper into your True Nature.

You have no single desire except to follow the circle of your breath, bringing it closer and closer to your navel to touch the special centre of you.



When something unexpected or unbelievable happens as you gaze, your breath will halt so that you have an even longer glimpse of your pure Nature.

In that halting, there is no desire, no seeking, no speculation as the small self vanishes without trace.

This is absolute freedom.




For the pure, it is not unusual to experience sudden unexpected things because they are always in the centre of the moment flowing with all existence.

Life is an exciting ever-changing performance and you are the star!




wonderful images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita, Linden Thorp and


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do you know your eternal face?

Man is a machine, a superb mechanism, but much more! We have been endowed with the seed of great flowering consciousness. But how many of us germinate to become beings of full awareness?

Why is this so? Why is the human race failing to perfect its mission of love and light, and blind to the dazzling gem of our endowment? Why do we suffer and behave so badly?



The answer is simple.

We have been hypnotized by society, by culture, by our birth-nation, by educators and politicians, and many more. Wholesale hypnosis from the moment of birth guarantees control at the hands of the mediocre few who snatch up power. Wholesale indoctrination ensures a constant supply of societal slaves.

The flowering of unique consciousnesses is allowed only for a few.




By stepping away and getting to know your True Nature in meditation you can release your unique voice and take up your rightful place. Only you have the talent to complete your unique mission during this short human life-span.

Those who are truly free from hypnosis know their eternal face, their face of truth. It is not changed by birth or death.





images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita, Linden Thorp and

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In our unconscious existence in the lands of the intellect, we tend to forget the wonders of the gravitational force…..



….but if you find a quiet moment to stand still, legs hip-width apart so that body weight is equally supported on each side, and experiment to find the exact point of balance backwards and forwards….

gravity 3


….you will find a refuge from the unrelenting force of gravity…...

and you will feel light and capable of anything.




In this way, we can embody the gravitational force which allows us to exist as beings of light and love here on Planet Earth.



Wonderful images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita, Linden Thorp and


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only watching



I invite you to watch this flower, to simply watch it for 3 minutes.

How many seconds will it be before words driven by thoughts wander into your watching?



Once again. Stay ‘now’ and ‘here,’ keeping the mind quiet and still, for 3 minutes.



Perhaps you could watch for a few seconds, but then your ‘monkey’ mind probably jumped into a phrase, an association, a fact or a memory that this flower provoked, before you knew it. These cerebral diversions are not the flower.

Don’t you long to really know this flower? Such ‘knowing’ is your True Nature but you have become remote to it.



Keep the mind still and many gears will change in your mechanism. You become aware of sounds that you had not noticed. You may feel your heart beating in your chest. Your breath will deepen, its rhythm will change. You may feel a new warmth or sensation……………! Ah, but again, you have lost the flower!




I invite you to watch this flower, to simply watch it for 3 minutes.



images courtesy of Linden Thorp and


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searching is pointless



If we continue to compulsively search for something we think we are missing, amassing money, love and knowledge from others outside, then we will never find our true selves or our true mission in life. In other words, we will always be restless and discontent: and we will likely die a futile bewildered death.



Before we can know the Great Truth we have to rid ourselves of the knowledge borrowed from others. When we empty ourselves the Divine will enter, and we will experience happiness and contentment that we could never imagine.




The Divine doubtless comes in many forms in your imagination, but if you rid yourself of images of the divine, then you will see that it a reflection of the universe and you are a key component of the universe.




The joy of the original and unique One inside you will never be known if you run away outside. We can only know it if we stay firmly lodged in our own individuality, neither running towards the world nor away from it.

Only move within to find your self to all the riches of existence.

Know yourself before you die!





Images courtesy of Linden Thorp, Mariko Kinoshita and


Disclaimer: The words I write and the images I choose to accompany them come from stillness and inaction deep inside the self. They are not trite ‘concepts’ or ‘notions,’ flimsy ‘ideas’ or ‘theories.’ They are my truth which I breathe onto the page for the benefit of all sentient beings.

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Shiva’s Mind-Turning Techniques


Shiva, the supreme Indian God of Hinduism, is known as “the transformer.” He is formless, limitless and the primal soul (Skt: atman), known as the god of dance, yoga, meditation and the arts generally. He has many aspects: storm, warrior, fire, some fierce, others tranquil and benevolent.

He predates Buddha who utilized some of Shiva’s existing techniques. The most significant one he used himself in order to become enlightened sitting under the Bodhi Tree 2600 years ago – perhaps the ultimate transformation.



Shiva’s techniques, unlike the Buddha’s adaptations, are fiercely non-intellectual, so they are ideal for moving the mind from the future and the past right into the centre of the present. Shiva said ‘yes’ while Buddha said ‘no.’

By focusing on Shiva’s simple techniques the mind turns. You will be able to witness that yourself. There is no content and therefore no desire, for it is desire that distracts us away from the ‘now’ and ‘here’ to the ‘then’ and ‘there.’




Shiva taught the Tantra of Breathing. ‘Tantra’ internalizes what already is, whereas ‘Yoga’ systematizes it, changing it outwardly. There is no system or model in Shiva’s techniques. Tantra brings us to an awareness of life and of death in a subtle way; Yoga is gross by comparison.



The seed of Shiva’s Breathing is that each outgoing/down-going breath is death, while each incoming/upcoming breath is rebirth.

Breath is circular not two parallel lines which never meet; one circle is one breath.

Play with the idea of the beautiful endless circle of such breath and you will touch the depths of your body and at the same time the universe. As a by-product you be in the absolute centre of ‘now’ and ‘here’ – the seat of Truth.



Images courtesy of and Linden Thorp

Today, Shiva’s 9 Breaths, an on-going series of posts began on Nirvana Linden’s page. Please join me tomorrow for Breath 1 making sure to read the introduction too at to get the full benefit.


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‘Seeing’ is constant in human beings. When we are awake, our physical eyes are open and we look out into the visible world. When we are asleep, our physical eyes are closed and we see dreams with our spiritual eyes. When we meditate, we see our selves.

Seeing is our constant nature whatever mode our ‘eyes’ are in. Even the blind can ‘see’ constantly.

Conditions in all dimensions are constantly in flux, but seeing does not change. It is our core steadiness. It is ever-present.



You, the seer, are eternally witnessing all this fluidity. If you know this ever-present spectator, then you know your True Nature. Everything else is alien to this. Everything else is impermanent, samsara, the delusional world.

Total knowing of the Seer comes from non-action, from non-doing. When there is no object to be seen, the veil drops and we are free.



Notice that if sight is related to an object that is seen, it is a thought swathed in words. But if the sight is unrelated to the object and free of it, then it turns towards the seer and is wordless meditation.

A thought needs 2 – the thinker and the object of thought. Whereas, meditation needs only 1, the Seer.




Images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita and



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slither out of the dead skin of your past and future



Your past and your future are like unwanted skin! Rub them away with sharp awareness and slither into reality. No past = no karma!

Ego and persona with all their limitations are simply grooves etched by repetition and reaction into the mind

so that our daily lives become like a laser that habitually falls into the groove and makes it ever deeper.




Awareness is the only virtue. It is your true power so embody it.

Prowl with every hair into each moment of each waking interval in search of its very centre.



Such awareness is a narrow bridge leading you out of the groove of necessity you have created into your unbounded True Nature, your absolute sincere heart.

Here and now you mirror each moment exactly as it is, and by doing so, you act and you laugh with relief.

Nothing else is needed.




images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita, Linden Thorp and


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‘Practising’ Virtue




If we are expected to ‘practise’ virtue, we should perhaps ask when and where the ‘performance’ is to be? We are also advised to ‘practise’ love and compassion, friendship, safe-sex, etc. Is this some kind of get-out of life clause?

The verb ‘practise’ implies that we are not perfect, and yet in essence we are.


karma 4


To date, 300 religions have fragmented the human mind into a million pieces and hidden away the spontaneity of human-ness with strict discipline, dogma and rituals. It seems that most people are magnetized to going in the same direction as the people around them, but what if it is the wrong direction, synthetic, delusional?

‘Virtue’ is natural and spontaneous. It is here and now so we don’t need to search and travel to find it.

In the same way, it does not need to be practised with hours of repetition and instruction, imitating the so-called models. In fact, practising anything will fix you into the opposite of what you are trying to ‘achieve.’



According to the Buddha, Buddhism viewed as a way of life rather than a religion, the core of all virtues lies in The Three Roots:

1. non-attachment (Skt. araga) – clinging to nothing and no-one

2. benevolence (Skt. advesa) – sincerity, generosity and altruism

3. understanding (Skt. amoha) – deep listening to others at the heart



So, why don’t we just fully live the live performance of every precious moment of human life.



Images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita and

Metronome –, White Geese –, Waterfall –

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Navajo Creation Legend


The gods took the cloud of dust and light and created the Earth and the celestial bodies. They reorganized the light to shine in the 4 cardinal directions: dawn light shone in the East; blue twilight shone in the South; yellow evening twilight shone in the West; and darkness in the North.




The 4 wind spirits became the guardians of each direction. Then the Earth was carefully endowed with everything beneficial to surface humans ready for their appearance.

When everything was finished, the spirits of Father Sky and Mother Earth entered into 2 physical bodies equipped to live out the existence of the gods in the world of form, and the 4 wind spirits became their breath. Thus they breathed their first breath of human life.



Then Father of the Upper Darkness created a union with Mother Nature to prepare for the coming of the surface people later. Mother spoke the essence of her being within the cardinal directions proclaiming that their direction would come from the East, dawn; their sustenance would come from the South, blue twilight; the gathering of their families would come from the West, yellow evening twilight; and their rest and reverence for all creation would come from the North, darkness.



This is how they live to this very day. Their lives are a perpetually moving wheel of harmony lubricated with love and respect.



Images courtesy of Linden Thorp, Mariko Kinoshita and


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3 basic principles of Navajo wisdom

The Navajo, the second-largest indigenous tribe of south-western United States of America, live according to their wisdom, even today. This is perhaps the reason their culture has survived in this region since 1400 C.E..

Monument Valley, straddling Arizona and Utah, is the heart of the Navajo universe.

They have 3 basic principles for achieving total happiness in life via the Way of Blessings:

1.  Human beings are each whole and complete systems or constellations which are unique and inseparable from the environment.

2.  Humans have an innate capacity to heal and to be healed, to be restored to complete balance and well-being.

3.  Nature is the Master healer and restorer.

They also live their lives with no separation between the sacred and the secular.  All of life, every single moment, is sacred, and if these values are not maintained then the wheel of life will cease to turn smoothly. For them, division = dysfunction.

They inhabit a dynamic, ever-changing world in which nothing is still, not even the massive rock forms of the desert.  And every thought, word and deed they enact will have an influence on this balanced fluidity so they must be always aware of their powers and potentials.

We modern westerners have so much to learn from these quietly-spoken, strong and honourable people.

We can live like them and so heal the planet Earth.

                       Images courtesy of Linden Thorp, Mariko Kinoshita and

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HuMan is a Process





‘Human’ is a process – no longer an animal, but not yet a God. This appearance in human form is part of the process, and if we cease to interfere with the process, the ‘means whereby,’ we will be able to move to the next stage!






We had our chance to be Gods early on in our evolution, but we chose the cerebral way, allowing the intellectual mind to interfere and create its own delusional reality. This has set us back to a position where we are 100% evolved physically, but for the majority of us, only 10% of our potential has been realized.



The Earth has evolved over 4.5 billion year period: humans are only 200,000 years old at the most. At all costs, we must not cut from our precious and special human consciousness because that is our process, our way to become!

We are, so let’s simply be! Nothing more!





Monument Valley in Arizona, America, is serenely cradled by beautiful upthrusts from the Earth’s mantel which are 570 million years old! Their process continues on! No interference.

Images courtesy of, Mariko Kinoshita and Linden Thorp.



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Releasing Permanent True Nature


Since the dawn of time, humans have felt the need to create images or effigies in the material world. The most ancient surviving examples are around 13,000 years old and were quite recently unearthed at Gobekli Tepe, thought to be the first monumental building, in south-eastern Turkey.

It is useful to think about why we do this.  Before we could read or write, before the emergence of technology or pottery, our ancestors were moved to create something on the material plane using materials of the Earth to focus their attention on. Protection from the unknown?  Celebration of the invisible?  Markers to send messages into the sky?

We can make a beautiful image or effigy as an outward signal, or as a representation of something inside. We can create an image for ourselves or for others.  Our motivation to do this may come from a profound sense of gratitude or awe, or to communicate with something invisible, or perhaps to convey some message or display as a badge to our communities.  It may separate or unite us with its audience.

But there are some image makers who sculpt uttering a prayer or mantra for each strike of their chisel or each rub of their file. Their motivation is to release the true nature of all beings so that the planet will become a land of permanence, of bliss, of true self and purity.

These sculptors etch the divinity of each being into the hearts of all spectators with a wish to transport them into an eternity of purity and true happiness so that universal balance will be restored or maintained.


Look out upon beautiful images with your physical eyes, then look inside upon your own unique permanent beauty.

Images courtesy of (all licenses at and Mariko Kinoshita

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One diamond with uncountable facets



Your life is filled with people, faces with diverse expressions, gestures, body language, multiple energies all clothed in human flesh form.



The glint of an eye, the shedding of a tear, quivering lips, a delicious fragrance passing you by, the shape of a calf muscle, the elegance of a neckline, homeless despair, bereaved mother and daughter, frustrated anger, a symphony …….



All of these things are reflections of you. You are not separate from the beautiful or the dejected and deformed, from the angry or bereaved, or from royalty or divas. We are One diamond with uncountable facets. It is only the intellect which makes us separate.

No matter what spiritual stage we are at, what karma we are working through or mistakenly burdened with, or what reflection is in view at any given moment, we are all One divine being created by the Eternal Parent.




So, resist making any distinctions between yourself and everyone you encounter during the day ahead. You are them!



Images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita and –

Traditional Burial Site –, Eye and Lines –, Face Blue Diamond –, Papa & Rangi sculpture by… –

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You ask if I trust you? When we breathe and live as one, what irritation is this I am drawn to scratching.





One tree of life to another, our branches and roots commingled, we grow into each other as one, but words block the flow like a crumbly pest.

Words are vague symbols, crude and flimsy ego-representations, superfluous murmurings…..

When all we really need are the universal laws of goodness and love without limits or conditions.

Then there never a need to ask ‘if.’




Words and images from Linden Thorp, Mariko Kinoshita and


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We are mantra



I create a deity of mud, moulding it with calm

un-grasping hands

making it momentarily worthy with all my attention,

then throw it back into the river to be dispersed.




I craft a beautiful feast only motivated by love

making it momentarily worthy with all my attention,

then throw it into the forest to be dispersed.


I build a tower with all my love to honour my father

making it momentarily worthy with all my attention,

then burn it dispersing a million prayers into the universe.



Our energy housed in flesh is constant prayer,

is eternal meditation,

is mystic mantra in and of itself,

but we interfere with mechanistic mind and try to give it meaning.

But there is no meaning in or of energy.

It is. So be.



Images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita and Linden Thorp

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The principle of altruism is ancient, tested by time, irrefutable!

It is about universal trust in unlocking miraculous powers, in standing naked in reality.

Goodness will always prevail over Evil, Love over Hate, Acceptance over Rejection…….

Live altruistically and your mission will come clear, your dreams of peace and eternal truth will snap into place.

The Universe will take care of you if you take care of it!

images courtesy of and Mariko Kinoshita

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Out of Sight!


We cannot know what is out of sight, what is invisible, with our intellect! How often do we say the phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind?’ This breeds fear and clinging to what (we think) we ‘know.’

A child of the developed world cries when its parent leaves the room or covers its eyes with a blanket.  It truly believes that their source of food and love has been removed, forever.  Humans are conditioned to incarcerate themselves with their feet firmly in the visible, in the realm of evidence and proof, in measuring and assessing, slashing their way through the jungles of scrutiny and speculation. But this is all pointless and absurd.

There is so much more if we choose not to incarcerate ourselves.

The most important thing of all to build into our choices of how to be in human life is that our insides and our outsides are congruent, are harmonized, are mirror reflections of each other.  Most of the time, others cannot see inside us: they only have the presenting visible form to relate to.  All external changes come from inside, and not the reverse contrary to popular belief.

We have to create the inner revolution: we cannot be passive or else we may be deluded by some imagining or fancy. We have to actually uncover our true undistorted nature for ourselves and then live it! Then and only then there will be complete balanced congruence, and inside and outside become One. There will no longer be 2.

A Buddha, a Mahavir, a Jesus, a Mohammed are enlightened, are liberated.  We can see and admire the proof in their beautiful posture, their glow, the bright light of their gentle and compassionate power.  This ‘appearance’ is only possible after inner resolution.  They are not transformed from outside.

This seeming ‘magic’ is only possible if you choose inner revolution. Then you can live in complete honesty, and like the human models, you will relate to everyone and everything you encounter equally free of conditions.

Your personal inner revolution, created by uncovering your True Divine Nature, is the only way to create the outer revolution of universal compassion. 

images courtesy of, Linden Thorp and Mariko Kinoshita

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Soul Management: human sounds are jewels


The sounds humans utter are jewels, fragments of our unique diamonds vibrated through the air, so we must use them so carefully.Sound is concrete, beyond interpretation!  Close your eyes to the world of visual ephemera, which only lasts momentarily, and open the ears of your soul to the world of sound which is eternal.

Then, you will feel the shell of your body resonating in unison with the vibrations of goodness and pure light.

This is your true nature

This is your true nature.



The waves of the high soprano touch us unceasingly.The singing bell awakens every cell.

The energy of the land is a bass hum on and on. But the sound of the great silence is the most sublime of all.



Listen beyond and beyond, and use your jewels wisely until you sleep in

such a silence with the moon.




images courtesy of and Mariko Kinoshita



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We are conditioned to think and feel that what is inside our human form is different from what is outside. That we have little control over our inside and so seek control outside where we can see and be seen, and act and acted upon visibly.
In developed cultures, we live inside sheltering, being contaminated by the poison of walls and roofs. We only venture outside when it is convenient or we are obliged to, and we consider the inside of our shelter to be a womb to retreat to, to be separate in.

But we are spiritual entities, pure energy, and so it not our natural state to be contained in this way. Our energy is a unique component of the universe with a particular mission but we have mostly become separated from it, living in fear behind masks and the influence of strong delusions and indoctrination of a synthetic reality.
The truth is that what happens outside, happens inside. The inside exists only in relation to the outside. If there is inner revolution it is reflected outside. If there is inner numbness it is reflected outside. As above, so below.  
Existence is a massive mirror reflecting and resonating eternally. There are actually no choices about seeing or being seen. There are no time limits. There are only delusions unless we surrender to our True Nature.

In the visible world, the only thing which appears to separate our inside from our outside, is the organ of the skin. This thin porous membrane is the only division and even this has uncountable pores through which moisture is absorbed and expelled. 
We are not separate in any way from the natural world or the Universe, from the visible or the invisible, nor from birth or death. 

We are One not Two.

images courtesy of and Mariko Kinoshita

natural.     TrueNature.            OneNotTwo



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Soul Management: Beliefs



Why do humans lay such store by what they believe? ‘Belief’ seems to be the ‘real thing:’ it has the weight that makes ‘opinion’ flippant.

It asserts that something is true or exists, even in the invisible or unknown, which is converted into ‘faith.’ Then, you are forced to choose between faith and no faith, and each has its social consequences. This is the paraphernalia of belief.

But what you believe is of the Mind, born from thoughts which die the moment they are thought. It is a complex delusion because there is no ‘I’ to believe, and no other ‘I’ to believe in.



Belief is fretted with arguments and comes from ignorance: it is actually hiding what you do not know.

When you know something, you just-know.



The moment ‘you,’ the ‘believer,’ disappear, the divine enters because reality is One, not two.

Belief separates us from the divine, from our True Nature.



Images courtesy of and Mariko Kinoshita

Brasilia Cathedral –, Retro Faith –, Wildebeest Leap of Faith –, Dissolving Inks Abstract –

Keywords:      belief      ONE-not-TWO       just-knowing


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religion is merely a step

You may be repulsed or wary of religion and those who subscribe to it. And deep down that may trouble you, may make you feel you are not ‘religious,’ or lacking in some way.

But know that the urge to honour and respect the unknown and the mystical was the spark that ignited civilization long before religion became formalized and took a hold.

Know that once the gods walked among us and that we each have the potential that if realized will ignite our innate divinity.

Uncovering your individual True Nature and your faith in yourself is the key to your absolute happiness and so the happiness of those around you.  It is also the catalyst to revealing your real mission in the visible and the invisible worlds.

Awe and a sense of wonder are part of our makeup as humans, but there are dangers of becoming attached and indoctrinated, and no longer listening to our own voice if we abdicate to a teaching or guru wholesale.


Religious belief or practice is a mere stepping stone to take us to the other shore of full awareness

We have become separate from our divine origin because of the dominant power of the intellectual mind. 

Remember, the fingers pointing at a beautiful Moon are not the Moon itself.

You are the Moon so wax and wane freely without a single thought!

beautiful images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita and Religious Symbols on Black -,Fighting -,Feet -,Tree Silhouette and the Moon -

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    Soul Management: 4th point of Atisha’s 7 Point Mind Training

    1. Preliminaries:

    a) You are Truth

    b) Mind is Barrier

    c) No-mind is the Door

    2. Think that all phenomena are like dreams

    3. Examine the Nature of Unborn Awareness

    These are the first 3 points covered in previous daily posts. Swallow them into your heart before you look at the 4th Point. Or, go to the complete 7 points


    4. Let the remedy itself go free on its own

    It is human to become attached, to cling, because our lessons are to learn that nothing in the visual world is real, is permanent – it is only a dream, a film loop. Now you know that the only permanence is your spirit, your True Nature, your glorious consciousness.



    You even have to let go of this instruction leading you to this point of healing. Just let is go. Turn away! Forget it!

    The mind will cling on to it, carrying the boat it crossed the stormy sea of life in on its head if you let it! Instead, just allow it to float away and be your True Nature – nothing more.

    This letting go is absolute happiness and freedom.





    Images courtesy of and Mariko Kinoshita

    freedom truenature absolutehappiness

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    Soul Management: 7th and Final Point of Atisha’s 7 Point Mind Training

    1. Preliminaries

    a) You are truth

    b) Mind is Barrier

    c) No-mind is the Door

    2.  Think that all Phenomena are like Dreams

    3.  Examine the Nature of Unborn Awareness

    4. Let the Remedy Itself Go Free on Its Own

    5.  Settle in the Nature of Basic Cognition, the essence.  Relax.  Do nothing.

    6. Between Sessions consider Phenomena as Phantoms

    7.  Train in joining, sending and taking together: Do this by riding the Breath.

    Now through all the six stages we have an experience of emptiness however briefly. The Mind is tamed momentarily and put aside so that it can be used as a safe and clear bridge out into awareness.  Once the mind is quiet, the heart can be opened. Now compassion, our essence, can start to work.  It can be observed to activate through the breathing, the essential for existence in the world of form.

    The Universe is kind enough to provide the oxygen we special and precious of love beings need to survive in the domaine of matter. No other planet except Earth can provide oxygen: we may borrow it for every breath.  And it performs miracles once we inhale it.

    Now comes Atisha’s brilliance.  By the way, in western models, the opposite formula is commonly used. 

    When you are ready:

    1.  Breathe in slowly through your nose and as you do so envision all the suffering and misery in the visual world, samsara. Scoop it up into your breath and take it inside.

    2.  Hold this enormous weight of suffering in your large pulsating heart, the heart of absolute compassion.  As you hold it there, it will be transformed as it actually is physically.  A huge chemical change takes place to allow the nutrients from oxygen to be taken in and the harmful gasses to be expelled on the exhalation. The suffering is quickly transformed to pure joy and the tears flow.

    3.  Expel the breath slowly and blow this pure joy out into the Universe. 

    Atisha calls this ‘riding the breath’ like a magical steed. Desert aboriginals do this naturally when they play the didgeridoo. 

    During this special riding of the breath the 3 poisons of Greed, Hatred and Ignorance present themselves in the form of Aversion, Attachment and Indifference. They are transformed with your infinite compassion into 3 virtues or 3 nectars. 

    You are no longer repelled by anything or anyone.

    You are no longer attached to anyone or anything.

    You are no longer indifferent to anyone or anything.

    You are free to live through your heart in full and beautiful awareness. 

    This training is an experiment of the most scientific nature. Please try it for yourself. There are no strings.  If it works for you then get completely free and help purify all the poison we humans are generating.

    Deep and infinite gratitude to this kind soul Atisha who can liberate us so completely 1000 years later.

    I would love to hear from anyone who has tried this! Please write to me if you have time and energy to do so. Thank you for staying the course. I wish you boundless freedom and complete happiness for all time.


    Beautiful images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita and

    Moss Agate

    Inspiration and Travel

    Aboriginal Didgeridoo Player


    Atisha (vector)

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    6th Point of Atisha’s 7 Point Mind Training

    1. Preliminaries

    a) You are truth

    b) Mind is Barrier

    c) No-mind is the Door

    2. Think that all phenomena are like Dreams

    3. Examine the Nature of Unborn Awareness

    4. Let the Remedy itself go free on its own

    5. Settle in the Nature of basic Cognition, the essence. Relax. Do nothing.

    Above are the first 5 points covered in previous daily posts. Read them calmly and swallow them into your unconscious mind. It is of no matter if you cannot ‘recall’ them or feel you ‘understand’ them completely: ‘recall’ and ‘understanding’ are functions of Mind and as we can see above, Mind is Barrier. Instead, just inhale the fragrance of them.

    If you would like to see all the points in one article, then you can read Atisha’s training and my response (not commentary) at; and…-it-for-yourself/




    Point 6. Between Sessions consider Phenomena as Phantoms.

    Phenomena which we ‘perceive’ are displaying on a continuous film loop. They are not real. They and so we are the elements of dreams: They and we are ‘hungry ghosts.’ Therefore, the visual life we become entrenched or even imprisoned in, is a distraction from reality, a trick of Mind.

    Our awareness, our universal consciousness, our True Nature is the only reality. It is eternal and boundless. It is pure energy flowing where it is needed.




    If we are awake and aware, then moving into the vast field of awareness becomes our habitual state. We crave direct contact with reality and our True Nature all the time: we have become tired of watching the screen.

    So, eventually, when the worldly film starts to roll again it is strangely unsatisfying. We long to move back to our spectacular state of awareness. At this point, we can easily notice how life is populated by phantoms who are locked in sleep or an intoxicated state.




    This is how we can become fully integrated and amalgamated with the Universe. Buddha referred to it as ‘making bonds with the universe.’ There is no separation for fully aware energies flowing freely in the boundless field following the fragrance of our divine origins.

    Indigenous peoples living in their traditional lives are fully integrated. They do not know what films are or why they are needed. They are the true custodians of the Earth contributing all their attention to preserving the natural world and working in partnership with the universe. They are evolving through the visual field, but in love with moving on to the next stage, the glories of Death.





    images courtesy of and Mariko Kinoshita:

    Abstract Acrylic on Hardboard –; Hungry Ghosts in Thai Temple –; Man and Nature Illustration –; Integration Technology with Nature, sky –

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    The 5th point of Atisha’s 7 Point Mind Training

    1. Preliminaries:

    a) You are truth

    b) Mind is Barrier

    c) No-mind is the Door

    2. Think that all phenomena are like Dreams

    3. Examine the Nature of Unborn Awareness

    4. Let the Remedy Itself go free on its own

    These are the first 4 points covered in previous daily posts. Let them float into your heart before you approach Point 5 without sticking to them. Remember, this training is to tame the wild elephant of your mind and let your True Nature blossom. You can read the whole of Atisha’s training at



    5. Settle in the Nature of Basic Cognition, the essence. Relax. Do nothing.

    The method, this method, is necessarily of Mind. Mind is the bridge which we are systematically clearing of intellectual clutter and copies so we can flow out into pure original consciousness, unimpeded.

    By letting the method and the remedy just slip from your fingers you begin to settle into your True being. This is your essence. It is potent and magical. It is capable of anything because it knows no limits.

    Pure energy cannot be contained: its nature is movement and flow.



    There is nothing more to do. Awareness does not need method or remedy. It is exactly what it is, dependent on nothing or no-one. You are safe. Pure energy has no single fear or doubt. Relax into your True Nature.


    You embody your essence of love and light, the two indestructibles.

    You flow. Nothing or no-one can block that flow once the mind has slipped away. So, flow into your true mission, your true expression in the visible world.

    You are art. Beautiful in its own right.


    Ethiopian natives 6


    Images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita and

    Pure Blue energy Flows –,Pure energy and electricity-; Hans Silvester: Les Tribus de la Vallee de l’Omo youtube


    nirvana-linden-logo soul-management

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    Soul Management: Atisha’s 2nd point (7 Points of Mind Training)

    Point 1, the 3 Preliminaries of Atisha’s 7 Points of Mind Training, has been covered in the last 3 posts: They are as follows:

    1. You are Truth: (https;//

    2. Mind is a Barrier: (

    3. No-mind is the Door:(

    Keep them close to you in your heart. They prepare you for the other 6 main points.


    Point 2:

    Think that all phenomena are like dreams.

    Anything that is observed or perceived to happen is a beautiful or nightmarish dream. It flows past you like a fast-running stream of energy, like a film loop which never stops. But it is not reality.




    This is a very powerful way to live because the moment you contemplate in this way, you realize that you too, the contemplator, are a mere dream.

    If the object of perception is a dream, then the perceiver must also be a dream. If the object is false, how can the subject be truth?

    The truth is inside your invisible and eternal true nature.

    The truth is you and your way forward is to embody it.




    Always the seer is never seen. Always the witness is never witnessed. Always the experiencer is never experienced.

    This point provides the opportunity for your truth being to be seen, to be witnessed, to be experienced.

    If everything in the visible world is a dream then your ego has no real function. It is simply a dreamer frittering away existence dreaming.

    Beyond these dreams which clutter the bridge of the mind is the vast boundless field of awareness, our supreme inheritance.

    images courtesy of and Mariko Kinoshita

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    No-mind is the Door

    The 1st and 2nd Preliminaries of Atisha’s 7 Points of Mind Training (see article – and are:

    1. You are Truth; (;

    2. Mind is a Barrier (




    Preliminary 3No-mind is the Door to our origin, our divine inheritance and our utter and eternal happiness.

    Mind with no content.

    Mind with no thoughts.

    Mind which is pure awareness.




    Atisha refers to this state as Bodhicitta. We can also translate it as Buddha-mind, Buddha-consciousness, krishna or christ-consciousness. This is the only goal of existence for the higher self.

    It is complete truth, your truth, and the mind becomes a doorway to reach that full consciousness or awareness.

    There is no more need for the film loops of dreams when we reach the borderless field of pure awareness. Mind becomes the doorway we can walk through. We can only open that door if there are no obstacles in front of it – thoughts and content are simply blockages.




    images courtesy of

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    Soul Management: 2. Mind is a barrier


    The first of 3 preliminaries of Atisha’s 7 Points of Mind Training (see article - is ‘you are truth, so live it.’ (Preliminary 1)




    Preliminary 2 – The mind is playing a perpetual film loop in your life and you are the cast. Celluloid, and now digital, methods of capturing those scenes are used to stash them away in archives. These films are mere dreams and yet we spend so much of our precious time collecting, acquiring them as if we need proof, evidence of our existence.

    Why do we need to constantly remember these dream loops when they are not real?




    The mechanism of mind churns away constantly remembering and storing, and in fact, creating a massive barrier to our happiness and freedom.

    Soon, if you digest Atisha’s 7 Training Points you will be able to leave this white elephant behind, taming it and so bringing down the barrier in order to allow your awareness to be, to just be!

    Tame the bridge of the mind so that you can basque in the vast field of your divine awareness, deathless and lifeless.

    This is your truth.




    images courtesy of





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    Live your Truth.


    Before anything, as a preliminary, know that you are the truth. There is no need to search high and low for it. It is not outside to be apprehended with the physical senses. It is not of the mind in any shape or form.



    These riches within are your Truth.

    So, without any more deliberation, live exactly what you are with every borrowed breath.

    Your truth will ignite your awareness so that you sing, dance and express your unique joy and beauty with every flicker of your eyelashes.



    images courtesy of and Mariko Kinoshita.

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    Soul Management: your light within!

    We are so conditioned to using our physical eyes and mind to look outwards that we rarely look inside at the bright light of our spirit.

    The exterior images we are acquisitive of and so hypnotized by are merely a dream loop playing continually.  Reality is within each of us, bright and pure.

    Spend a little time in the day ahead looking inside with your spiritual eyes. Spend time being witnessed instead of witnessing, being experienced instead of experiencing, and being seen instead of seeing. 

    There is natural beauty within each of us.

                                       images courtesy of and Mariko Kinoshita

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    The 3 poisons



    If we live mindfully not allowing ourselves to become attached to the natural arising of both positive and negative thoughts and notions, then we can notice the influence of the 3 poisons – greed, hatred and anger/ignorance.

    In the visual world of form, avoiding these negativities is our greatest test. But where do they come from we may ask when suddenly, seemingly out of the blue, they arise?




    They are the workings of the limited conditioned mind which tempts us to make all form permanent and to etch our mark into existence before we die. It separates us and leads us to live indirectly in deep delusion.

    This partition from our original essence of love and understanding naturally leads us to harbor anger and resentment and so we become insecure and disturbed by a sense of betrayal. And this in turn leads us to cling on to everything, even those things out of reach, resulting in envy.



    So, turn away from this manipulation and let go of everything so that your divine juices can flow in the wide river of all life and your inner beauty radiate to touch everyone you encounter.

    You are a being of love. Let the fragrance of your divine spirit and of all those around you fill your senses.

    Be the natural beauty you already are.





    images courtesy of


    Featured post


    negative people


    There are people around us who are adept at projecting negative attitudes through their words. They do this to help preserve their status-quo and to bring those who are positive to their senses, snatching them into their dark reality.

    This is a form of toxic pollution because once words are uttered they can never be taken back. Their trace lingers in the environment as a potential self-fulfilling prophesy. 


    negative silence


    The perpetrators of such contamination are weak and easily overwhelmed. They profess to be realistic, but actually they are locked in the grip of depression and delusion, and unable to deal with an escalation in their own stress levels.

    They live on the surface of a dark pond infested with the abuse and cruelty they have lived through; a stark darkness, which they bitterly resent and yet are impotent to change. They are unconsciously envious of the bright naturalness of others, so skilfully utilize words to darken them, to make them the same so they do not feel so alone.




    Words are ten-a-penny explosives tossed into the open by the damaged to damage others.

    Walk far away from them to shelter in the bright light of the positive truth.



    our Earth garden



    I am not a scholar lost in and fascinated by the Land of my narrow mind;

    neither am I a vacant believer hypnotized and indoctrinated by its features and weather.

    And I am not asking you to read this and as you do so check to see if I am telling the truth or not, if my facts are straight or not, if my motive is any other than to swank about my knowledge and compete with yours.

    For I am not like you.  I am a different flower in the human graden we share.


    Turin Shroud


    I am not easily fixated on images: they pass me by like bubbles in a stream.

    I could never spend millions and years on researching a likeness of Jesus Christ, speculating about medieval forgeries or clandestine Catholic actions or undetected motives.

    I cannot make glorified hyped images of fictional gods and deities a priority because I am mesmerised by the living breathing beings who surround me. 

    I am always in our garden wearing my coat of unconditional Love and tender gloves. There, I cherish living blooms and make the conditions right for flower deaths and the successful release of their true spirits.




    I do not live trapped inside mind-time and man-space. Instead, I live eternal, my petals and shiny leaves splendid as intended.

    There is no time to kill with pointless speculation and accumulations of word books, and in my form I can travel anywhere in this Eartly paradise.

    Our garden is the ultimate for me before I move off to the next magnificent stage of the process of becoming, so I am not looking to drop to my knees and worship anyone except the magnetic members of my race.





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