‘As it is so important to find our true nature and live our lives with total self-honesty, so it is even more important to let those we love be truly themselves. If they must pretend to be themselves with us, then we are committing an act of violence in not accepting their true nature exactly as it is in the moment. If there are things we cannot say to each other, then we are using ‘love’ as a shield fixed between us. These acts, no matter how seemingly small or unimportant, are a separation. We resist our loved one’s true nature and in so doing we make ourselves separate from them. We cannot call this truly unconditional love; it is a form of arrogance.

To find true and lasting happiness in this human life, we must dig deep into our honest heart and become those we love, exchanging their suffering for our joy, taking on their fears and doubts as our own, synchronizing our very heart beat with theirs, smiling and crying in tandem with them.

There is no separation; merely different aspects of a universal heart which all sentient beings emanate frombecoming one .