stallion jumping flame

‘Be yourself like a wild horse. Kick away those who wish to tame you, to subdue you so that you fit in, so that you don’t stand out too much. You have to know your own heart intimately and then follow it courageously. Of course, always allowing your natural goodness to surface and prevail in all your actions and thoughts.

Listen attentively to the voice of your higher self in the still silence because there you will find all the answers you need. Listen to your oneness with everything around you. You will find yourself reflected in each rain drop, each glint in the eyes of those around you, each sky scape changing on and on, if you kick away all limitations.

Gallop after your dreams now before they fly away. Your sacred mission is contained in your wildest dream that the world tells you is not realizable, so let it climb up on to you and ride you as one.

dream catcher