sound 2‘The waves, like the breath, come without you asking!’

Each wave is the Earth breathing.

Each breath is the Earth breathing through us.  

There is no difference, no separation between them.  As humans, we are blessed equally by each wave and each breath.  

We need do nothing except respect and have gratitude for our existence through each of our precious breaths, and each wave. We are born to breathe.

The Moon rules the waves. It makes constant adjustments so that each wave is unique.  In the same way, the Earth and the Moon rule the body, making tiny adjustments so that each breath, each heart wave is unique, is meaningful in the Universe.

Our human mind has nothing to do with this miracle of existence and consciousness.

It is our divine link with the Universe which gives us our magical existence on Earth under the Moon and the Sun.

Let your gratitude come with each wave and each breath, along with a tear of wonder!

wavetears of compassion