the power of sound
the power of sound

‘Sound reaches into the deepest recesses of you.  It is concrete and therefore indisputable and entirely memorable!’

We modern human beings are dominated by the visual sense.  Look around you and you will see every kind of visual stimulus.  Nowadays, we take it all for granted but crave it if it is absent. Always the visual needs interpretation, so the individual mind can stamp its own reality on to that ‘view.’

Sound needs no interpretation. It is composed of vibrations, and vibrations are energy which is indestructible.

sound 1

We are also composed of energy like sound.  We are spirit like sound. We can vibrate in sympathy or without sympathy.

So, close your eyes and let the indisputable power of sound fill your existence. There you will find the whole universe vibrates, and you with it in harmony.

You can find all the messages you need if you open up your heart and soul and just listen! 

New Year bell

Just be with the vibrations of all existence.

Bodhi tree