humanityDuring the day ahead, stay mindful, watching your mind carefully, calmly.

Realize that your thoughts are momentary, like a leaf tossed on a fast-flowing mountain stream. They are nothing to do with your shape and formdivine energy.

So, just witness them as you would a worldly event, a transaction, a gesture. These are just form and shape which characterize human life.

Then act, motivated by sheer kindness and concern for the well-being and happiness of others, propelled by your divine energy beneathhappiness for others the surface. Bringing happiness to others is the key to your true happiness and inner peace. Acting from a sincere heart, regardless of form or shape, will engage you with your true nature, and that will encourage the true nature of others to be revealed.

So, today, examine the motive behind everything you think and do. You are the fleshy manifestation of love and purity, so let nothing else stand in your way.