impostorYou are the tenant in your body and human mind. Your spirit borrows them so that you can navigate the human world in body form.

As you move around in your daily life, keep this in mind and watch your body and mind carefully with your divine presence.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to utilize this beautiful property that ancestor survival 3you have been given the chance to occupy to bring love and true happiness into the lives of every other divine tenant you encounter.

Please use this hard-earned opportunity to be born in human form to the greatest advantage during your life-lease. You can make a difference to the balance of the goodness 2universe by not being tricked to buy into the real estate of human life. Stay a tenant, enjoying the freedom to steadily peel away the layers of your human form to reveal the true nature and happiness of the being.

Be a shining light in all your circles and inspire others to be free of all burdens.