silence 2We are so highly trained and conditioned we do not realise that the intellect is only one tool of many at our disposal to enable us to be fully human. All the aspects of the intellectual tool – thinking, judging, measuring, criticising, evaluating, comparing – are useful, but they make us separate from the world – the thought and the thinker, the judged and the judge, the measurer and the measured, the criticised and the critic, the evaluated and the evaluator, the compared and the comparison-maker, etc. Some call this separation an act of violence.

If we become aware of the many other tools in our tool kit – compassion, unconditional love, intuition, psychic and predicting abilities, – to name but a few, we will be able to become fully integrated into both the visible and invisible dimensions, and so become more balanced and in a position to carry out the mission which is intended for us in human form.

Energy is our natural state. Energy is limitless. Energy does not fully comply with the concepts created by humans, such as ‘time’ and ‘space.’ etc. So, enjoy a moment or two during the day ahead just ‘being’ in your energy field. No thinking, no judging, no measuring, no criticising, no evaluating, no comparing. Your true nature, your boundless happiness and love, will flood into your heart and fuel you full to skilfully negotiate the intellectual world we have come to live in and remain balanced.

between worlds 2