invasive species

As materialism and consumerism spread like a deadly invasive species, the best we beings of light can do is to quietly go about our business in the world, helping people in practical ways, loving unconditionally to our full capacity, smiling and dispensing kind words at every opportunity to calm the unruly children. 

People may speak and act in unaccountable ways around us, but we need always to remember that they are not in control, that the dark matter of mind generates greed and ignorance, envy and spite, divisiveness, and the destruction of all things good. They are speaking and acting from foundations of sand, from fanatical obsessions and compulsions, from the homespun nightmares they think are reality!

Our thoughts and actions have unbalanced the natural order and symmetry of the natural world. We were never meant to become so weak, hiding beneath the poison of roof and manmade fabrics, never meant to sell out our souls to guns and steel and money. We have torn ourselves away from our divine origin blinded by the sparks of arrogance and ignorance.

Without our vigilance and brightness, our adaptability and divine spark, these malign spirits will consume the whole of humanity, wiping our endowment of promise and potential. We must stay in the light at all times, the veil of death being the only flimsy separation between the visible and the invisible.

All other divisions are an illusion. There are no separate nationalities or creeds, genders or races, no teachers or pupils, no animal, vegetable or mineral. Everything and everyone is One. So stay transient, a tenant and tourist in this life of form, with the divine mission to love unilaterally and bring about perfect equipoise once more.

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