peopleIn modern life living in large urban populations we are of necessity heavily controlled.

Without such control and prescribed ways of thinking, there would probably be anarchy otherwise.

The challenge is to live in harmony with respect for such systems searchingand yet allow our true nature and inner beauty to flow.

The true self is naturally beautiful, bathed in light and compassion. We are flowers and fruit, crystal water and dense rock, storms at sea and snow drifts. Our mission is to balance what is required by external circumstances with our true and unique essence, to go beyond the limitations imposed in a peaceful way that disturbs no-one but contributes to the splendour of the humming birdhuman spirit.

This is natural intelligence. It has nothing to do with thinking and speculation. It is just being and breathing each breath as if it is our very last.

by Mariko Kinoshita
by Mariko Kinoshita

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