Because we have mislaid our divine origins, our sacred intent, we swathe ourselves in images culled from the internet and media of the rich and famous, the slender and beautiful. We take on the impressions and attitudes of others to get approval.

let go 3

Then we cling with white knuckles to distorted views, desperate to make them come true.

But the universal truth lies not outside us on screens and pages, but inside us, nestling among our sincerity and nobility. This is our true nature which depends on nothing in the material world!

breath and love 2Matter is the lowest of energy frequencies on the universal scale, so it is your energy not your flesh and bones which has high resonance with other more elevated worlds.

Don’t lose contact with the invisible investing everything in the visible. It is exactly what you cannot see that is your destiny, your mission. So, listen to your higher pure frequencies which all humans have for the messages and indications.


Your challenge today is to put all your trust in what you cannot see, and in so doing, bring the good trust back into the world so we can live in peace and harmony on our beautiful planet.

Let go today of your synthetic selves available to the constant witness, and be yourself, your beautiful divine self.