Ethiopian natives 2

Our human existence, however exotic, is perishable and disposable.  This is the Great Truth.

Our miraculous anatomy and physiology, our millions of interactions

with others, each smile and frown, each precious costume and toy we 

‘own’ in the human realm is combustible. 

It is 100% certain that we will naturally vanish from the visual field

after several decades.

So, practise this in everyday life by deliberately letting things go.

If you have too much money, give it away to someone who really needs it.

Make a gorgeous feast for your friends and family with pure aspiration,

and encourage them to eat every last morsel.

Give your most treasured possession to someone else who you know will

get so much pleasure from it.

Make a beautiful deity out of sand at the beach with devotion to the act,

then watch it slowly disintegrate in the waves.impermanence

We are merely tenants in our bodies, breathing

borrowed oxygen from the planet.

The only thing which is eternal is our loving kindness and our

unique energy.

Despite our appearance in human form, our life-force flows on towards

the Great Ocean of Nirvana where all rivers empty themselves to become One.

So, our best contribution is to join the flow and shower our unconditional loving kindness on all our fellow bathers with no hint of discrimination.

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