uniqueness 4

We are heavily socially conditioned beings, but if we stay aware,

we can think outside the box without rocking the boat.

The notion of time and the linear way we caluclate it is a man-made

idea. Chronological order according to this theory makes us old after

we are young, puts undeveloped before developed, makes being late

punishable and being early admirable.

Native peoples see time as a dreaming circle in which stars and seasons

show us how we and the natural world approach death, but death is a

glorious moment of recognition not something to shudder about.

We can become obssessed with clocktime one step after another,

convinced about its irreversibility, living in its tyranny, but if we step

outside the mind, beyond the visual field into the invisible, it is no

longer important.

Awareness out in the field requires no ideas or theories.  It is reality and

magic thrives there. So, please go beyond all this visual paraphernalia for

a little time each day and learn to long for the beginning that physical death

will bring to your personal energy. It is release, it is moving on to the next

stage of spiritual evolution.