We must close our physical eyes so that our spiritual eyes will open.

For the physical eye, though a remarkable anatomical evolution and a

powerful tool, sees only through the graded lenses of the ego.

The material world becomes the only reality it can perceive.

It is blind to the vast invisible world which is our real home.

It takes practice to be able to look into the physical world with

spiritual eyes. To gaze without taking possession,

without categorizing or judging,

without accumulating worldly status and merit;

to perceive directly instead of interpreting, making copies.

The desperate craving of the worldly human

incarcerated in constant suffering while careering towards

oblivion in their death, is acute.

They cannot let go, always hedging their bets,

having reserves in case they are left with nothing and

fall into an abyss created by their terrible fear.

This way of looking can dominate even in the presence

of sacred images.

The serene images and altar adornments may be rendered

permanent by the physical eyes,

continual shots taken by the acquisitive camera and then archived.

The Master carves such sublime images of all holy emanations

exactly so that disciples can overcome this kind of obsessive greed

and self-centered cherishing.

The human spirit has no need of relying on memories and labels,

or stored images.

Such images are etched on the heart,

simply a reflection of our divine origins of light and love.