Spend moments during the day ahead

remembering that you are a

crucial brushstroke

in the masterpiece of all life.

Only you can do what you do, be as you be,

smile as you smile,

breathe borrowed breath in the way that

your unique body breathes it.

Only you can embody the pure unconditional

energy of love the way you do.

So, be fully, now and here, eternally.

images courtesy of megapxyl.com:
1. Heart care – https://www.megapixl.com/nexusplexus-stock-images-videos-portfolio
2. Colourful Bhutanese art of Tibetan dragon painting – https://www.megapixl.com/wanchanta-stock-images-videos-portfolio
3. Elephant’s Love – https://www.megapixl.com/transnirvana-stock-images-videos-portfolio