Science tells us that the human species is at its 

peak physically;

it is a fact that we have evolved to our optimum level….

…but our spiritual evolution is badly retarded because

we have turned our backs on the natural world,

our animal origins,

and replaced it with a synthetic reality,

using only 10 % of our potential……

….that we have arrogantly turned away from

the embodiment of love and light,

from Christian ‘grace,’ or Buddhist ‘emptiness,’

or Hindu ‘moksha,‘ and countless other versions

of all that is good and enlightened…..

….and that instead we invest all our energy

in the visible, the intellectual, in consumerism,

wasting our precious human life on shopping,

possessing, status and reputation,

and other meaningless pursuits……

in being separate!

All we need to do is take a moment to be grateful.

To feel the privilege of every invisible breath we

borrow from the benevolent universe. Feel the

masterpiece of each of our invisible cells which

are designed to keep us firmly in the gravitational

field, the vast invisible field

of human love and light

Our sole purpose is to love and be loved,

and to keep our sacred and original flame alight.

We must not turn away from our real mission. 

True happiness and peace is only to be found in

embracing the visible and the invisible as one.

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Heart care –

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