‘Understanding’ in its original sense was not something

we did visually but rather by listening.  Sadly, we have

mostly stopped listening except to cyber-babble and

the sound of our own voices. 

To be able to listen unconditionally, without reacting,

without judging or objecting…….to listen to everything

from our hearts like the flickering of a light………

and to become that sound we are listening to.…….

is the greatest skill of all.

The visual is always bounded by frames, by screens,

by edges……but the auditory truly has no bounds.

So, lightly close your eyes and listen out into

the infinity of the field of all awareness.

Sound has no beginning and no end.  

We cannot interfere with it, conceptualize it or

analyze it.  

Like light, it is concrete, complete, a constituent

of the heart. 

Listen to the voices of those you encounter today

with the finely-tuned ears of your heart.

Accept their sounds unconditionally with love.


Listen to these angelic voices and become

the angel that you actually are.

Thank you for beautiful images form megapxyl.com:

Angelic voices courtesy of Will Todd, The Call of Wisdom, Tenebrae.