You are a living breathing candle.

Your flame burns brightly at one moment

then gutters and threatens to go out

at the next.

But the potential for your light is eternal

thanks to the kindness of the universe.

Even if you allow your flame to go out,

you can light it again, if you choose to.

If your heart is open and you believe

deeply in yourself, your flame will get brighter

and brighter so that you can illuminate

the darkness to give light to others.

Your light will show them the truth of

their divine origins of light.

The body of a candle burns away,

giving of itself,

while illuminating the great truth in the world.

This is your true mission:

to make your own individual flame as bright

as can be, for the sake of the universe

and all its life.

Your particular candle can bring a

unique energy into the universe

which is essential to perfect and balance it.

Images: courtesy of

Heart care –; Reflections –; Science fiction landscape –; and artwork by Mariko Kinoshita