There are so many moments in our lives

when invisible forces are at work,

but we ignore them because we cannot

analyze or explain them logically,

and this naturally creates fear and

the tendency to hide.  

One major invisible phenomenon is

our feelings and emotions.  

They are invisible and yet we experience them,

we register them.  Fragrances, tastes, winds,

a throbbing heart, and so many other essential

parts of our lives are also invisible, intangible.

They are impermanent, transient,

and yet so important to us.

We may try to pin them down in permanence,

or we may block and suppress them because

they are too painful. But we can cut ourselves

away from identifying them as an expression

of ‘self’ because ‘self’ is only a construct for

the intellect to make use of.

It also is invisible, a ‘delusion.’ 

The universe is in constant flux

but the tool of the intellect will not allow

our energy to flux as part of it.  

Consequently, our worldly lives are dominated

by the illusion that we are separate,

different, permanent.

So, put aside the intellect at some point

during the day ahead,

and just flow with the universe,

letting all blockages break their banks.

Enjoy the invisible and the freedom of not

interfering with your true nature.  

There is nothing to fear or to hide.

You are spirit, eternal,

indestructible, and unique. 


Heart Care –; Moon Over Water – Linden Thorp original mind map.