Sound particles are the basis of the Universe.

They do not require any human physical effort

because we are gross matter and

sound is subtle matter.

But your spirit, your unique energy, can.

At first, you can make the sound of the

omnipotent universe with your lips

and vocal cords –  “Aum” or “Om.”

But then you can simply make the sound

with your mind within yourself and be

in tune with the Universe because you have

activated your subtle energy.

Eventually, you can stop ‘making’ the sound

and just let it echo,

just allow it to flow.

Then there is no barrier and

so no separation. This is reality.

‘I’ is irrelevant when you are in tune

with the universe, when you are the

ultimate sound, the divine!

And if there is no “I,”

there is no suffering, no fear,

and you have no desires.

This is your key to all things mystical:

the key to your mission in the visible world.







images courtesy of megapixyl:

Heart Care –;3D illuminated digital signal;Sci-Fi Vector Illustration –

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