The sooner you can become a peak in your own right,

the better. The valleys you create can then echo with

your true nature and resonate in response to other

peaks. It is easy to abdicate to others,

to just give up at the goading of the intellectual mind (1)

which simply compares and competes, and so divides;

which asserts with either

‘for’ or ‘against.’

Then the emotional mind (2) feels overwhelmed by

the achievements and ‘talents’ of others and withdraws.

It is self-cherishing and attention-seeking,

given to envy and self-doubt.

But if you close your worldly eyes and listen closely

to the universal mind (3), you are listening to the totality,

to the whole, to the transcendence, to the beyond.

The ‘that’ has no single urge to fight or react or assert

or doubt. It only responds like a valley echo,

and here there are no choices.

So, let your unique peak grow up into the sky,

the resonant valleys around deepening.

You are a Buddha, a god, a Krishna, a Mahavir

in the making.

Your stout roots are the same roots

embracing the crust of the Earth

and our human divinity.



images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita and Megapixl.com