If we live mindfully not allowing ourselves to become attached to the natural arising of both positive and negative thoughts and notions, then we can notice the influence of the 3 poisons – greed, hatred and anger/ignorance.

In the visual world of form, avoiding these negativities is our greatest test. But where do they come from we may ask when suddenly, seemingly out of the blue, they arise?




They are the workings of the limited conditioned mind which tempts us to make all form permanent and to etch our mark into existence before we die. It separates us and leads us to live indirectly in deep delusion.

This partition from our original essence of love and understanding naturally leads us to harbor anger and resentment and so we become insecure and disturbed by a sense of betrayal. And this in turn leads us to cling on to everything, even those things out of reach, resulting in envy.



So, turn away from this manipulation and let go of everything so that your divine juices can flow in the wide river of all life and your inner beauty radiate to touch everyone you encounter.

You are a being of love. Let the fragrance of your divine spirit and of all those around you fill your senses.

Be the natural beauty you already are.





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