The first of 3 preliminaries of Atisha’s 7 Points of Mind Training (see article - is ‘you are truth, so live it.’ (Preliminary 1)




Preliminary 2 – The mind is playing a perpetual film loop in your life and you are the cast. Celluloid, and now digital, methods of capturing those scenes are used to stash them away in archives. These films are mere dreams and yet we spend so much of our precious time collecting, acquiring them as if we need proof, evidence of our existence.

Why do we need to constantly remember these dream loops when they are not real?




The mechanism of mind churns away constantly remembering and storing, and in fact, creating a massive barrier to our happiness and freedom.

Soon, if you digest Atisha’s 7 Training Points you will be able to leave this white elephant behind, taming it and so bringing down the barrier in order to allow your awareness to be, to just be!

Tame the bridge of the mind so that you can basque in the vast field of your divine awareness, deathless and lifeless.

This is your truth.




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