The 1st and 2nd Preliminaries of Atisha’s 7 Points of Mind Training (see article – and are:

1. You are Truth; (;

2. Mind is a Barrier (




Preliminary 3No-mind is the Door to our origin, our divine inheritance and our utter and eternal happiness.

Mind with no content.

Mind with no thoughts.

Mind which is pure awareness.




Atisha refers to this state as Bodhicitta. We can also translate it as Buddha-mind, Buddha-consciousness, krishna or christ-consciousness. This is the only goal of existence for the higher self.

It is complete truth, your truth, and the mind becomes a doorway to reach that full consciousness or awareness.

There is no more need for the film loops of dreams when we reach the borderless field of pure awareness. Mind becomes the doorway we can walk through. We can only open that door if there are no obstacles in front of it – thoughts and content are simply blockages.




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