Point 1, the 3 Preliminaries of Atisha’s 7 Points of Mind Training, has been covered in the last 3 posts: They are as follows:

1. You are Truth: (https;//niume.com/post/213775)

2. Mind is a Barrier: (https://niume.com/post/214873)

3. No-mind is the Door:(https://niume.com/post/215633)

Keep them close to you in your heart. They prepare you for the other 6 main points.


Point 2:

Think that all phenomena are like dreams.

Anything that is observed or perceived to happen is a beautiful or nightmarish dream. It flows past you like a fast-running stream of energy, like a film loop which never stops. But it is not reality.




This is a very powerful way to live because the moment you contemplate in this way, you realize that you too, the contemplator, are a mere dream.

If the object of perception is a dream, then the perceiver must also be a dream. If the object is false, how can the subject be truth?

The truth is inside your invisible and eternal true nature.

The truth is you and your way forward is to embody it.




Always the seer is never seen. Always the witness is never witnessed. Always the experiencer is never experienced.

This point provides the opportunity for your truth being to be seen, to be witnessed, to be experienced.

If everything in the visible world is a dream then your ego has no real function. It is simply a dreamer frittering away existence dreaming.

Beyond these dreams which clutter the bridge of the mind is the vast boundless field of awareness, our supreme inheritance.

images courtesy of megapixyl.com and Mariko Kinoshita