Point 1: the 3 Preliminaries

a) You are Truth  (https://niume.com/post/213775)

b) Mind is Barrier (https://niume.com/post/214873)

c) No-mind is the Door (https://niume.com/post/215633)

Point 2: Think that all phenomena are like dreams (https://niume.com/post/216613)

Those are Atisha’s Points so far. Keep these gems close to your heart not in your memory like knowledge! Feel the effect they have as you read them once more.



Point 3: Examine the Nature of Unborn Awareness

You have experienced going beyond subject and object now. Now you know there is more to existence than just knowledge and thoughts. You have a tiny glimpse of your higher mind, your consciousness, your full awareness – an unaccustomed feeling of awe, of the unknown perhaps.

Your awareness is a crystal mirror, so look deeply into it pushing yourself to be as aware as possible, and you will speed away from any habitual thinking or reacting.




Smile widely as you realise that you have never been born and you will never die: these were just scenes from the film loop you thought were reality. You have been tricked!

This is your unborn consciousness. It has always existed. It will always exist. It is eternal. It is timeless.



You have been living a dream until this moment. You have incarcerated yourself in a nightmare of your own volition.

Now you can be free of all suffering, all shame and lust, all expectations and fears, and much more.

Now you can embody your beautiful consciousness and let your divinity shine!

Just walk into it naturally. This is your True Nature.

images courtesy of megapixyl.com and Mariko Kinoshita.

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