1. Preliminaries

a) You are truth

b) Mind is Barrier

c) No-mind is the Door

2. Think that all phenomena are like Dreams

3. Examine the Nature of Unborn Awareness

4. Let the Remedy itself go free on its own

5. Settle in the Nature of basic Cognition, the essence. Relax. Do nothing.

Above are the first 5 points covered in previous daily posts. Read them calmly and swallow them into your unconscious mind. It is of no matter if you cannot ‘recall’ them or feel you ‘understand’ them completely: ‘recall’ and ‘understanding’ are functions of Mind and as we can see above, Mind is Barrier. Instead, just inhale the fragrance of them.

If you would like to see all the points in one article, then you can read Atisha’s training and my response (not commentary) at https://niume.com/post/212645; and http://lindenthorp.com/2017/01/04/atisha-and-the-7…-it-for-yourself/




Point 6. Between Sessions consider Phenomena as Phantoms.

Phenomena which we ‘perceive’ are displaying on a continuous film loop. They are not real. They and so we are the elements of dreams: They and we are ‘hungry ghosts.’ Therefore, the visual life we become entrenched or even imprisoned in, is a distraction from reality, a trick of Mind.

Our awareness, our universal consciousness, our True Nature is the only reality. It is eternal and boundless. It is pure energy flowing where it is needed.




If we are awake and aware, then moving into the vast field of awareness becomes our habitual state. We crave direct contact with reality and our True Nature all the time: we have become tired of watching the screen.

So, eventually, when the worldly film starts to roll again it is strangely unsatisfying. We long to move back to our spectacular state of awareness. At this point, we can easily notice how life is populated by phantoms who are locked in sleep or an intoxicated state.




This is how we can become fully integrated and amalgamated with the Universe. Buddha referred to it as ‘making bonds with the universe.’ There is no separation for fully aware energies flowing freely in the boundless field following the fragrance of our divine origins.

Indigenous peoples living in their traditional lives are fully integrated. They do not know what films are or why they are needed. They are the true custodians of the Earth contributing all their attention to preserving the natural world and working in partnership with the universe. They are evolving through the visual field, but in love with moving on to the next stage, the glories of Death.





images courtesy of megaixyl.com and Mariko Kinoshita:

Abstract Acrylic on Hardboard – https://www.megapixl.com/antoinettew-stock-images-videos-portfolio; Hungry Ghosts in Thai Temple – https://www.megapixl.com/blanscape-stock-images-videos-portfolio; Man and Nature Illustration – https://www.megapixl.com/mike301-stock-images-videos-portfolio; Integration Technology with Nature, sky – https://www.megapixl.com/vs1489-stock-images-videos-portfolio