1. Preliminaries:

a) You are Truth

b) Mind is Barrier

c) No-mind is the Door

2. Think that all phenomena are like dreams

3. Examine the Nature of Unborn Awareness

These are the first 3 points covered in previous daily posts. Swallow them into your heart before you look at the 4th Point. Or, go to https://niume.com/post/212645for the complete 7 points


4. Let the remedy itself go free on its own

It is human to become attached, to cling, because our lessons are to learn that nothing in the visual world is real, is permanent – it is only a dream, a film loop. Now you know that the only permanence is your spirit, your True Nature, your glorious consciousness.



You even have to let go of this instruction leading you to this point of healing. Just let is go. Turn away! Forget it!

The mind will cling on to it, carrying the boat it crossed the stormy sea of life in on its head if you let it! Instead, just allow it to float away and be your True Nature – nothing more.

This letting go is absolute happiness and freedom.





Images courtesy of megapixyl.com and Mariko Kinoshita

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