You may be repulsed or wary of religion and those who subscribe to it. And deep down that may trouble you, may make you feel you are not ‘religious,’ or lacking in some way.

But know that the urge to honour and respect the unknown and the mystical was the spark that ignited civilization long before religion became formalized and took a hold.

Know that once the gods walked among us and that we each have the potential that if realized will ignite our innate divinity.

Uncovering your individual True Nature and your faith in yourself is the key to your absolute happiness and so the happiness of those around you.  It is also the catalyst to revealing your real mission in the visible and the invisible worlds.

Awe and a sense of wonder are part of our makeup as humans, but there are dangers of becoming attached and indoctrinated, and no longer listening to our own voice if we abdicate to a teaching or guru wholesale.


Religious belief or practice is a mere stepping stone to take us to the other shore of full awareness

We have become separate from our divine origin because of the dominant power of the intellectual mind. 

Remember, the fingers pointing at a beautiful Moon are not the Moon itself.

You are the Moon so wax and wane freely without a single thought!

beautiful images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita and Religious Symbols on Black -,Fighting -,Feet -,Tree Silhouette and the Moon -