Your life is filled with people, faces with diverse expressions, gestures, body language, multiple energies all clothed in human flesh form.



The glint of an eye, the shedding of a tear, quivering lips, a delicious fragrance passing you by, the shape of a calf muscle, the elegance of a neckline, homeless despair, bereaved mother and daughter, frustrated anger, a symphony …….



All of these things are reflections of you. You are not separate from the beautiful or the dejected and deformed, from the angry or bereaved, or from royalty or divas. We are One diamond with uncountable facets. It is only the intellect which makes us separate.

No matter what spiritual stage we are at, what karma we are working through or mistakenly burdened with, or what reflection is in view at any given moment, we are all One divine being created by the Eternal Parent.




So, resist making any distinctions between yourself and everyone you encounter during the day ahead. You are them!



Images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita and –

Traditional Burial Site –, Eye and Lines –, Face Blue Diamond –, Papa & Rangi sculpture by… –