‘Human’ is a process – no longer an animal, but not yet a God. This appearance in human form is part of the process, and if we cease to interfere with the process, the ‘means whereby,’ we will be able to move to the next stage!






We had our chance to be Gods early on in our evolution, but we chose the cerebral way, allowing the intellectual mind to interfere and create its own delusional reality. This has set us back to a position where we are 100% evolved physically, but for the majority of us, only 10% of our potential has been realized.



The Earth has evolved over 4.5 billion year period: humans are only 200,000 years old at the most. At all costs, we must not cut from our precious and special human consciousness because that is our process, our way to become!

We are, so let’s simply be! Nothing more!





Monument Valley in Arizona, America, is serenely cradled by beautiful upthrusts from the Earth’s mantel which are 570 million years old! Their process continues on! No interference.

Images courtesy of, Mariko Kinoshita and Linden Thorp.