The Navajo, the second-largest indigenous tribe of south-western United States of America, live according to their wisdom, even today. This is perhaps the reason their culture has survived in this region since 1400 C.E..

Monument Valley, straddling Arizona and Utah, is the heart of the Navajo universe.

They have 3 basic principles for achieving total happiness in life via the Way of Blessings:

1.  Human beings are each whole and complete systems or constellations which are unique and inseparable from the environment.

2.  Humans have an innate capacity to heal and to be healed, to be restored to complete balance and well-being.

3.  Nature is the Master healer and restorer.

They also live their lives with no separation between the sacred and the secular.  All of life, every single moment, is sacred, and if these values are not maintained then the wheel of life will cease to turn smoothly. For them, division = dysfunction.

They inhabit a dynamic, ever-changing world in which nothing is still, not even the massive rock forms of the desert.  And every thought, word and deed they enact will have an influence on this balanced fluidity so they must be always aware of their powers and potentials.

We modern westerners have so much to learn from these quietly-spoken, strong and honourable people.

We can live like them and so heal the planet Earth.

                       Images courtesy of Linden Thorp, Mariko Kinoshita and