The gods took the cloud of dust and light and created the Earth and the celestial bodies. They reorganized the light to shine in the 4 cardinal directions: dawn light shone in the East; blue twilight shone in the South; yellow evening twilight shone in the West; and darkness in the North.




The 4 wind spirits became the guardians of each direction. Then the Earth was carefully endowed with everything beneficial to surface humans ready for their appearance.

When everything was finished, the spirits of Father Sky and Mother Earth entered into 2 physical bodies equipped to live out the existence of the gods in the world of form, and the 4 wind spirits became their breath. Thus they breathed their first breath of human life.



Then Father of the Upper Darkness created a union with Mother Nature to prepare for the coming of the surface people later. Mother spoke the essence of her being within the cardinal directions proclaiming that their direction would come from the East, dawn; their sustenance would come from the South, blue twilight; the gathering of their families would come from the West, yellow evening twilight; and their rest and reverence for all creation would come from the North, darkness.



This is how they live to this very day. Their lives are a perpetually moving wheel of harmony lubricated with love and respect.



Images courtesy of Linden Thorp, Mariko Kinoshita and