‘Seeing’ is constant in human beings. When we are awake, our physical eyes are open and we look out into the visible world. When we are asleep, our physical eyes are closed and we see dreams with our spiritual eyes. When we meditate, we see our selves.

Seeing is our constant nature whatever mode our ‘eyes’ are in. Even the blind can ‘see’ constantly.

Conditions in all dimensions are constantly in flux, but seeing does not change. It is our core steadiness. It is ever-present.



You, the seer, are eternally witnessing all this fluidity. If you know this ever-present spectator, then you know your True Nature. Everything else is alien to this. Everything else is impermanent, samsara, the delusional world.

Total knowing of the Seer comes from non-action, from non-doing. When there is no object to be seen, the veil drops and we are free.



Notice that if sight is related to an object that is seen, it is a thought swathed in words. But if the sight is unrelated to the object and free of it, then it turns towards the seer and is wordless meditation.

A thought needs 2 – the thinker and the object of thought. Whereas, meditation needs only 1, the Seer.




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