If we continue to compulsively search for something we think we are missing, amassing money, love and knowledge from others outside, then we will never find our true selves or our true mission in life. In other words, we will always be restless and discontent: and we will likely die a futile bewildered death.



Before we can know the Great Truth we have to rid ourselves of the knowledge borrowed from others. When we empty ourselves the Divine will enter, and we will experience happiness and contentment that we could never imagine.




The Divine doubtless comes in many forms in your imagination, but if you rid yourself of images of the divine, then you will see that it a reflection of the universe and you are a key component of the universe.




The joy of the original and unique One inside you will never be known if you run away outside. We can only know it if we stay firmly lodged in our own individuality, neither running towards the world nor away from it.

Only move within to find your self to all the riches of existence.

Know yourself before you die!





Images courtesy of Linden Thorp, Mariko Kinoshita and


Disclaimer: The words I write and the images I choose to accompany them come from stillness and inaction deep inside the self. They are not trite ‘concepts’ or ‘notions,’ flimsy ‘ideas’ or ‘theories.’ They are my truth which I breathe onto the page for the benefit of all sentient beings.