Man is a machine, a superb mechanism, but much more! We have been endowed with the seed of great flowering consciousness. But how many of us germinate to become beings of full awareness?

Why is this so? Why is the human race failing to perfect its mission of love and light, and blind to the dazzling gem of our endowment? Why do we suffer and behave so badly?



The answer is simple.

We have been hypnotized by society, by culture, by our birth-nation, by educators and politicians, and many more. Wholesale hypnosis from the moment of birth guarantees control at the hands of the mediocre few who snatch up power. Wholesale indoctrination ensures a constant supply of societal slaves.

The flowering of unique consciousnesses is allowed only for a few.




By stepping away and getting to know your True Nature in meditation you can release your unique voice and take up your rightful place. Only you have the talent to complete your unique mission during this short human life-span.

Those who are truly free from hypnosis know their eternal face, their face of truth. It is not changed by birth or death.





images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita, Linden Thorp and