If you are really alive in the full flow of this very moment, the past is just dead thoughts and carefully selected memories, and the future is a projection and an unwelcome distraction from now.



If you are truly ‘now-and-here’ you want to spend as long as possible gazing at a candle flame with a still mind, delving deeper and deeper into your True Nature.

You have no single desire except to follow the circle of your breath, bringing it closer and closer to your navel to touch the special centre of you.



When something unexpected or unbelievable happens as you gaze, your breath will halt so that you have an even longer glimpse of your pure Nature.

In that halting, there is no desire, no seeking, no speculation as the small self vanishes without trace.

This is absolute freedom.




For the pure, it is not unusual to experience sudden unexpected things because they are always in the centre of the moment flowing with all existence.

Life is an exciting ever-changing performance and you are the star!




wonderful images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita, Linden Thorp and