Thinking, the pre-occupation of the world’s developed nations, is merely attachment to ideas and reactions to objects outside us in the environment.

Thinking brings about pain and discontent, delusion and distress, but worst of all, it has no connection at all to reality.

It launches us on to a pathway, but in the wrong direction, outwards towards the non-existent horizon and an eternal pointless quest.

It is unnecessary to human life, only concerns the will and the ego, and yet huge societies of civilized people occupy so much of their time with it.



Meditation, on the other hand, seen by the masses as the ‘hobby’ or indulgence of a few, has no connection with the exterior, neither with ideas nor objects.

Meditating brings about nothing but contentment and balance, insight and realization, but best of all, it sets us down in reality – in the lushness of the here-and-now.

It launches us on a pathway, in the right direction, inwards towards all existence and divinity.

It is essential to human life, reignites our divine spark and moves us on in the process of becoming fully human instead of a suspended, incomplete creation.


Thoughts are dead the moment they are thought, dropping heavily into the past tense. They are a duality and therefore separate the thinker from the thought.

Meditation is a direct and vibrant connection with the Universe. It is Oneness with all beings and phenomena. There is no separation. It perfects our True Nature.





Images courtesy of Linden Thorp