Join me in building this book episode by episode to help reveal your True Nature. Tomorrow Episode 9, Death and the Djang!

True Nature: our supreme inheritance

Episode 7 summary: the impermanent and desirelessness – two fundamentals of spiritual training which sharply awaken us to the reality that our bodies and all matter are finite, perishable. This allows our True Nature to be revealed. But, most of us are firmly attached to delusions because we are fundamentally afraid of death and oblivion, the unknown.  If we are afraid of dying fully, then it follows that we are afraid of living fully.

Visionaries Incognito is a collection of what were originally stand-alone articles featuring four visionaries who activated my own True Nature. The term ‘visionary’ is defined, for the purposes of this work, as not only someone of vision for the good future of humanity, but also an exceptional being with their fingers on the pulse of the Universe.


The visionaries are ‘incognito’ because their influence has not made the headlines or major entries in history books…

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