Episode 10, the last of my introduction! Then we’ll really get down to business to unearth your True Nature!

True Nature: our supreme inheritance

Episode 8 summary: We are surrounded by people who have a vision, by spiritual messengers – Visionaries Incognito; we are most effected by indirect influences because changes must be made by ourselves directly. Most of us are too dependent on words, which are either potential bombs or breathtaking miracles. Work with the body can make profound changes in the unconscious and get us in touch with our True Nature; the blueprint of our ancestral lineage cannot be changed, but we can self-educate/re-educate.  4 Visionaries Incognito helped me to activate or reveal my true nature: F.M.Alexander, Moshe Feldenkrais, Krishnamurti and Osho Rajneesh: finding awakeners can lead you to spiritual practices and beyond to your inner jewel, your True Nature.   

Many spiritual leaders have elevated to their position because the nature of reality has been revealed to them or they have unearthed it in themselves by coming to know their…

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