We can each create a new human deeply rooted in meditation, breathing in the still silence of the deepest recesses of the heart. A human who has moved out of the limited intellect wholesale and who uses the head simply as one fine tool of many. 


mystical turned to fact 1


A human whose priority is no longer logic, but the embodiment of love.

A human who does not care to be rich on the outside but is fascinated by the inner treasures of being.

A human who is fully awake and lit.

A human who is filled with a divine existence and is so overflowing with joy at its appearance that he wants to share it unstintingly with every other being.


knowledge 1


A human who has come back home from pointless questing outside.

A human who is definitively here and now.

The revolution is happening deep inside today!


Bodhi tree


Images courtesy of Linden Thorp and megapixyl