Love of what is perfect holds no challenge. And so God, Buddha, Allah, and other magnetic spiritual leaders are always presented as perfect, inscrutable, flawless, and they are imaginary.  Therefore, it is easy to love God, Buddhas, Allah because they are remote to us, etched into our imaginations as paragons.

But we humans are flawed, imperfect, badly wanting and mercilessly judged/judging.  It is difficult to love humans of flesh and faults and yet we are placed where we cannot escape others unless we retreat from the world. Thus, it is the human who is to be overcome, nothing more. 

Humans needs no paragon for they are a process moving towards perfection.

True Love needs the other to be alive, awake, living fully. But we have forgotten how to live fully because we are asleep, turning away from our faults and flaws.

True love is love for love’s sake.  No reward either in hell or paradise.No other motive. Nothing to be gained.

That’s exactly why we have been dropped into this world of suffering where we cheat and lie, maim and kill, envy and covet so contaminated are we by the self-seeking world of form.

It is clear that all political, religious and philosophical leaders are poisoners.  They have brought this world to global suicide.

So, starting now and here, do not say ‘I.’

Instead perform ‘I,’ living fully in your True Nature.

                     Images courtesy of Linden Thorp and Creative Commons