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Why do you choose to believe in others while you do not believe in yourself?

Is it because you do not trust yourself, that you think you are ridiculous, weak, intolerant, incapable, unproductive,……? Or can you only put your entire trust in someone or something outside you in faith that you will get something in return, something you need or desire?


Belief 3


What if I was to tell you that belief is a by-product of thought and thought is dead the moment its light is switched on – a mere flash?

It is simply a vibration that extinguishes quickly like tapping a bell. And what if there were no rewards at any time or in any place? Why do humans make so many conditions, and why oh why do you want to be saved? Saved from what and why? The phantoms of your mind hold you for ransom, infecting you with fear and the canker of speculation.  


There are 3 truths necessary to awaken you from this complete delusion of reward and yourself.

value life


Truth 1:  You do not know yourself.  

Your True Nature is carefully hidden behind a million masks and cardboard-cutout thoughts and beliefs.  You have forgotten how to reach yourself inside because you are always turned outwards yearning for then and there, a puppet controlled by the delusions of past and future. There is no-one or nothing that you should trust or believe in except yourself. Everything else is a clever distraction created by the conspiracy of the material! As you are the sole controller of the world you perceive, how can you not hold yourself dear, esteem yourself, trust yourself? Who can trust the simulacrum you have manufactured except other simulacra? 




Truth 2:  There are no rewards ever or anywhere.

No trading. Only sincere actions that move quickly and directly from the heart like a beautiful dragonfly. Giving is our greatest testament to happiness and balance in the material world. We are our own reward if we live from the heart in every moment.

Truth 3:  There is no-one to save you and nothing to be saved from.

Human life on this Emerald planet is paradise here and now. There may be suffering but we bring it on ourselves then dwell on it complaining constantly.  There would be no suffering if we really stayed here and now and embodied our divine spark. We are the gods and buddhas to believe in not figments and lures of the imagination. 




It is not too late to realise that each human is the way forward for our species and our planet. Not too late to understand that if we do not change nothing will change! Your unique mission is ready for your to take up if you turn away all the external distractions!




Images courtesy of Linden Thorp, OER Commons and megapixyl