In the waking hours ahead of you today, there will be words which touch you and those which do not.  Some words touch your inner being but most do not because they are superficial, predictable.  This ‘feeling’ which grows when something touches you deeply is significant!  It is a tingling in your vast unconscious, the bulk of the iceberg beneath the mundane surface. The surface is inhabited by the burdensome ‘small’ man.

These alien words will give you both wings to soar through sky heights and strong feet to stand firmly in the very bottom of the gravitational field to find water for your roots.  

However, this may disrupt and distract you from the shallows of the mundane, but this ‘rocking of the boat’ will herald in homo novus, the new human.




Such words are seeds.  Let them settle in your heart when you are alone, without seeking anyone’s approval or support. Such seeds cannot be compared with words which have been surgically implanted through the centuries of sameness and conformity without your knowledge or approval.

So-called ‘great’ men have spoken to you in your language using words that were too understandable, shallow, facile.  So, stay with those words which are in a foreign tongue so that you can hear what you have never heard before.


seed words


‘Alien’ words are all about transformation into the new human, about moving to the next stage of the process of becoming fully human, in line with your True Nature. So listen out for the mysterious and mystical and embrace it!


Images courtesy of Linden Thorp