consider the millions of human souls who have been distracted from their own True Nature by the beautiful words of philosophers and spiritual leaders


hypnotized 1


imagine the myriad unique spirits which have been hypnotized to follow others instead of following themselves


hypnotized 3


wonder what today’s world would be like if we had gathered enough courage to idolize ourselves as agents for human good and the acceleration of our evolution 


hypnotized 4

bring to mind all the energy we old humans lavish on relatively young imaginary beings when our own DNA as mammals is two hundred million years old and authentic


hypnotized 2


realize how you have allowed yourself to be so deeply hypnotized by the words of other ‘gods’ that you have entirely given up your chance of completing your own evolution and remain a complaining retarded child 




     But it’s never too late to pick up where you left off before the pendulum was swung! 


Start today to water your own seed with anything but words so that you can become the radiant playful new human so desperately needed in this time of synthetic tragedy!




                   Images courtesy of Linden Thorp