benefit seekers 1



When did we stop trusting in human beings and drop to our knees to defer to gods, buddhas, social media and so-called greater powers?

Why do we defer to apparitions, to fictional and romanticised beings that do not resemble human beings, when we are and are surrounded by real, pulsing beings endowed with a divine mission? 

It is time to focus ourselves on ourselves and those around us Now and Here!  We are constantly distracted from that because we are habitually seeking outside for solutions to our suffering.

WE have all the solutions right now if we only look and listen!

Indigenous peoples do not worship or seek benefits from remote fictional entities!  They revere their ancestors – the humans who first appeared in human form and made life on Earth possible, to whom they are always close even though their human term is ended.






It is not a question of beliefs!  Beliefs are dead redundant things hoarded by deluded minds when compared with living breathing trust and reverence!   

Instead of running to keep up with everything out there and feeling left behind if we fail to, just stand still and listen.  Out there is simply ‘noise’ which the intellectual mind has attributed meaning to!!  In here is reality and the glories of the indomitable human spirit.

You see, we actually are the gods and buddhas we search for in vain! And we’ve been here all the time and will always be here!