negative people


There are people around us who are adept at projecting negative attitudes through their words. They do this to help preserve their status-quo and to bring those who are positive to their senses, snatching them into their dark reality.

This is a form of toxic pollution because once words are uttered they can never be taken back. Their trace lingers in the environment as a potential self-fulfilling prophesy. 


negative silence


The perpetrators of such contamination are weak and easily overwhelmed. They profess to be realistic, but actually they are locked in the grip of depression and delusion, and unable to deal with an escalation in their own stress levels.

They live on the surface of a dark pond infested with the abuse and cruelty they have lived through; a stark darkness, which they bitterly resent and yet are impotent to change. They are unconsciously envious of the bright naturalness of others, so skilfully utilize words to darken them, to make them the same so they do not feel so alone.




Words are ten-a-penny explosives tossed into the open by the damaged to damage others.

Walk far away from them to shelter in the bright light of the positive truth.