the gods walked among us
the gods walked among us

Linden Thorp has healing in the background of many other previous lives. In this life, she is a Body worker (F.M.Alexander, Moshe Feldenkrais), and has worked as a Creative/Music therapist in Europe for many years, specializing in visually impaired Autism (she has learned so much from sensual deprivation). She has been a seeker for many decades, and as a child received a message from the Buddha to go in search of him, even though she was born into a Catholic family in the north of Britain and had never heard the word ‘Buddha’ before. She also met Indian Masters Jiddu Krishnamurti and Achariya Rajneesh Osho as a young woman, and continues to be touched by their unique gifts, and those of Indian and Burmese Masters in general.

Latterly, she has ceased to use the word ‘teacher’ when referring to herself because she has realized that this label places those who teach above, or at a distance from, those who learn. She considers it to be a small act of violence because all beings are equal, and it is actually impossible to teach anyone anything. She prefers nowadays to use the word ‘facilitator’ or ‘guide,’ or in certain circumstances even ‘catalyst,’ because all life in form is alchemical, and each energy constellation has the potential to act as an alchemist. She no longer ‘teaches’ but instead ‘edifies’ in conventional University classrooms in Japan, and in small groups of professionals privately.

She has spent 30 years engaged in Buddhist practice, and latterly in Japanese Mahayana Buddhism became ordained as a Shinnyo-en priest. The Nirvana teachings, the final teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni, have completed her Buddhist training, and now she has gone beyond to find her true Buddha Nature and emptiness. Currently, she facilitates True Nature universally at every opportunity. This is a great challenge especially in Japan, where formulaic behavior and a great gulf between public and private life persist. She lives in her Temple Precinct, but rarely goes there physically now as her temple is in her heart. (see book – Temple of the Phoenix, 2012)

Life is now consumed with listening to her own voice, writing as amanuensis from spirit and spirit guides, and trying to avoid too many influences so that her True Nature can convey its authentic truth. She has written and published 4 spiritual books, and there are many more to come. Each of her books represents a stage in her spiritual training as writing is a multidimensional activity for her. The latest 2 books concern the Cathars and Troubadour of medieval Languedoc where she lived for 6 years (Veil, 2015), and the creed of the Church of Love (Glorious Life: Glorious Death, 2015).

She finds the same traits in the Cathar way, the Buddhist way, and the way of indigenous peoples living their traditional lives. It is the way of all beings made flesh. Whilst living in Languedoc she uncovered by accident her former Cathar life as Fabrisse de Caramany, well-known Trobiaritz (female Troubadour-poet/minstrel) and Cathar who perished at Château de Quéribus in the region of Aude in 13th century. Her story appears in Veil.

ninija is her Desert wisdom guide (see Easy-Happy-Sexy, – 2013/15) whom she met briefly in the flesh in the Dreaming Lands of the South Australian Desert, and initiated her, entrusting her as conveyor of ninija’s story. There are many more books to be written in this regard. Indigenous peoples are the key to the survival of Planet earth, and it is Linden’s mission to convey this wisdom in the written word and as a channel to developed nations.

Linden is an active websiteist, writing on many spiritual topics: {Oneness/Beyond Duality} {Buddhist-Nirvana Linden} {as a literary writer}

She also writes a daily meditation for ‘citizens of the world and custodians of the Universe’  –  {Oneness/Beyond Duality/interfaith}

Her spiritual publications to date can be found at:; and 

Intense spiritual training in several different disciplines combined with a long career in teaching students of the world, has led me into the vast field of human awareness.  I have finally walked out across the bridge of my mind, cleared of all intellectual clutter, so that I can encourage you to clear your bridge and join me.

One day, I woke up to find that I had everything I needed to find true happiness inside me; that it had been there all along like a priceless diamond sewn into my coat lining by my mother and father.  I woke up bathed in the love of all the Holy beings, but not separate from that essence.  I woke up as love itself.