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natural born healers



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               Some say the Devil created the material Universe, the synagogue of Satan,

                                  trapping the element of Divine Light in each being,

                                                          making our innate goodness captive

                                                            in order to purify the world of evil.




If that is so, what a glorious mission we each have

acting out our roles in societies

while all the time our inner light glimmers on

purifying the evil that threatens to envelop us.




….so wonderful to know that our goodness if allowed to glow on and on

can transform this suffering world, that we are each

healers in our own right and have the power to introduce an exquisite and unique light 

into the darkness if we choose to.




images courtesy of Linden Thorp and Creative Commons


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Look at your life. Examine it closely. What makes you happy? What makes you sad? What do you desire? What do you avoid? 

If you do not watch your life carefully to see how you are using each precious moment, then you are living in a state of hypnosis or intoxication

To eliminate such swings in your emotions just accept that most of your suffering is self-induced because you are not accepting that change is inevitable. Change and love are the only two certainties in life.

What are the causes of your states of happiness or unhappiness? Most suffering comes from craving for life to be other than it is

Accept that life is as it is and all things are impermanent. Embrace each experience as it occurs and be ready for the next.

How can we prevent suffering? Drop limited ideas and perceptions about ourselves and others around us. Experiences can be unlearned, can be detached from. We can live life as the pure energy that we are.

To be completely enduring happy we must abandon expectations about the way we live. This is the correct perspective on our short human lives, and to get this perspective, just close your eyes and breathe. Meditation and attention to your breath will make you aware, and awareness is the key to enlightenment.

                 Images courtesy of Linden Thorp, Mariko Kinoshita and


Karma deconstructed


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There are many misunderstandings about karma. People make it into what they like. They often portray it as a Law, something irrefutable, something given by a great mystical world-saving Buddha.

But concept of karma from the ancient Indian tradition for thousands of years before Buddha Gautama is not a law because there is no lawmaker.  Neither is it scientific because it is not a phenomenon outside the human body which can be measured, dissected, held to account, and science is not complete without internal knowing. So what is it?




Karma is the nature of all existence.  In fact, it is existence itself.

In existence and nature, it is true that if you sow a seed at some point its centre will force outwards and sprout. It could be almost immediately if the ground conditions are perfect, but it could also be months or years later.  It is true to say that it will germinate because this germination is the result of the seed. Therefore,  it is possible to say that there are conditions in the world and they produce results.




We all have a nature, our True Nature, and so each crime or contradiction against it is recorded in our unconscious, the storehouse of not only our entire existence but also that of our ancestors also. Some call this storehouse a book, so everything that is contrary to your True Nature is recorded in the book of you. It is certain that this crime or contradiction will provoke a response or reaction sooner or later. 

It may be a feeling of guilt or unworthiness, insecurity or self-condemnation, the names of these uncomfortable feelings are of no consequence. Think of them as a closing of a small window or an extinguishing of a small light inside you. These items create a blockage to the smooth flow of your energy because in our original natural state we were totally available, nothing was held back – thus we were completely pure.  Negative karma, which we can potentially create every moment, is like static causing things to stick together.





The Law of Attraction states that if you lie once then you can be certain that many other lies will follow. If you speak one truth then many other truths will follow.  Because we are special humans in process from animals to super-beings, then goodness registers as a credit and evil as a discredit.

Karma is the epitome of human hope which we have in our peripheral vision at all times as we create ourselves moment by moment. The choice is ours as we are our own creators: either we create grace or we create disgrace. But is it not strange that those who have accumulated so much disgrace are in the lime-lit majority in current life and those who create only grace are in a shadowy minority?





Karma is continuously produced in the process of human life by all humans. The results are simultaneous which is easy to observe in practice. 

If you smile at a stranger, they will probably smile back and reach out with a glowing word. The smile returned is the response to or result of the smile offered. This is a balanced interaction so leaves no karmic traces.

If you raise a fist at someone, they will probably raise one back or rush away from you terrified.  The fist returned or the fleeing is the reaction to or the result of the fist you raised.  This is an imbalanced interaction and therefore does leave a trace – a deficit in the balance which must be made up at some point. If we live in an intoxicated unaware way, we will steadily accumulate such deficits.





Go carefully through life because each moment is a golden opportunity to create grace and eliminate all your negative karma before you shift back into the invisible world.


Images courtesy of Linden Thorp, Mariko Kinoshita and


turn round 180 degrees

diverslity 2

What is your direction today? Where are you facing? What do you see?

Follow the flow of your attention and the answer is probably ‘outwards.’

Everything you are thinking about or reflecting on or feeling is outside.


diverslity 2



Close your eyes. What do you see?

Probably the outside world, outside concerns, because our minds are imprinted with a million images which remain, which endure, even when our eyes are physically closed.

Outside is a kingdom of objects and entities and inside thoughts about them are like echoes.

There is a also a witness to all of this looking which is outside as well.





But objects in themselves are harmless. They are not obstacles to realizing the self in themselves. It is the thoughts that hinder us. Thoughts surrounding your soul, your heart, nothing but thoughts, their echoes crowding your view like the builders of the tower of Babel.

In fact, thoughts are just dead echoes. They die naturally but are immediately replaced by others!

Notice this in yourself. Watch it happening for yourself.

How can we stop these thoughts babbling on interminably? They clutter our view and distract us from knowing ourselves.


We only need to turn round. To direct our consciousness inside into a thought-free place. But the thoughts come incessantly. How and why are they generated?

They are pure and simple reactions to the outside world which have become habitual. Everything you see you react to, or have an opinion about, or accept, reject or remain indifferent to. Feel it as you look out into your environment, even with your eyes closed.

By turning round 180 degrees on the road that leads out to look in, you will, in time, be able to direct your consciousness towards the self, and your witness will step inside with you. And if you can do this at each spare moment, then the generation of thoughts will slow down, become intermittent and eventually stop.

Then your looking out will become seeing without reacting.





You will not react to the turbulent waves on the surface of the ocean but instead see the vast deep ocean beneath.

You will not react to the massing grey clouds in the sky but instead see the blue infinite and eternal sky.

You will cease to act outside but instead be inside and see the seer!






Images courtesy of megapixyl, Mariko Kinoshita and Linden Thorp



do you remember?

diversity of humans 2

As you walk through the crowds in everyday life or sit among them, what do you remember? You look at other people, glancing into their eyes as they pass by, but what do you remember?

Do you remember who you are?

Do you know who you are?



As you eat and spend time with your family and friends, do you know who you are?

As you busily occupy yourself filling every moment between waking and sleeping, can you remember your face or your voice?


In fact, do you know who you are beyond your name and address, your professional status and skin colour, your class and gender?

It is important to find out who and what is behind this facade as soon as possible.

So, spend quality time with yourself. Get to know your tears and your fears, come to understand your essence, your heart, the way your body processes the planet’s oxygen, your joys and true desires.



By turning down the acuity of your eyes and looking inside in every spare moment, you will begin to truly remember who you are and why you are here acting out your part.

Remembering your eternal face and the constellation of your particular energy is your life’s work. Then you can really be at ease with yourself and with others and your exact mission will become as clear as day.




Images courtesy of and Linden Thorp




love to study



You cannot find true knowledge in books, no matter how hard you try.


eyes of love


But you will find it easily in the eyes of the Holy Beings around you.





The perfect condition for real knowing and wisdom to flourish is unconditional love……so, look no further!

This is exactly why we are here on this planet appearing as flesh and bone.



Images courtesy of Linden Thorp, Mariko Kinoshita and

thought vs meditation



Thinking, the pre-occupation of the world’s developed nations, is merely attachment to ideas and reactions to objects outside us in the environment.

Thinking brings about pain and discontent, delusion and distress, but worst of all, it has no connection at all to reality.

It launches us on to a pathway, but in the wrong direction, outwards towards the non-existent horizon and an eternal pointless quest.

It is unnecessary to human life, only concerns the will and the ego, and yet huge societies of civilized people occupy so much of their time with it.



Meditation, on the other hand, seen by the masses as the ‘hobby’ or indulgence of a few, has no connection with the exterior, neither with ideas nor objects.

Meditating brings about nothing but contentment and balance, insight and realization, but best of all, it sets us down in reality – in the lushness of the here-and-now.

It launches us on a pathway, in the right direction, inwards towards all existence and divinity.

It is essential to human life, reignites our divine spark and moves us on in the process of becoming fully human instead of a suspended, incomplete creation.


Thoughts are dead the moment they are thought, dropping heavily into the past tense. They are a duality and therefore separate the thinker from the thought.

Meditation is a direct and vibrant connection with the Universe. It is Oneness with all beings and phenomena. There is no separation. It perfects our True Nature.





Images courtesy of Linden Thorp


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Smothered by words

A group of people meeting each other for the first time sit in a room in a circle.  They are asked not to speak but just to look around.

As they look out at each other and their environment, all of them start to whisper descriptions of their circle mates inside their heads, some complimentary, some not. Meanwhile, they smile and long to talk with words which will help them to learn about these new people. Most of us are taught that words help us to learn about the world.

But thoughts and words are a sheer reaction to the outside world. Therefore, the individual True Nature of each person in the circle is not present. They are effectively each a constellation of words and thoughts and skin.

They are looking but only at the waves not the ocean, only at the clouds not the blue sky, only at the fingers pointing at the Moon not the Moon itself. They do not know the world directly because of the thick filters.

Then, they are told to close their eyes lightly.

They are reluctant. In unfamiliar territory. They become sleepy so ingrained are they that oblivious sleep comes when the immediate environment is curtained out. They are asked to resist becoming sleepy by not closing their eyes tightly, but keeping a sliver of light open and looking at the tips of their noses.

Once they have settled, then the words and thoughts are still there, but now they are combining the memories of the people in the circle with them. Words and thoughts plus memories now smother the actual experience of these people.

The faint presence of silence and being unable to speak becomes gradually uncomfortable. A little tension creeps into the body and breathing becomes shallower. A little anger, a little fear.  Questions arise. Indignant questions.  Questions are words in a particular arrangement which demand a reaction from someone else.  Again, the direct experience of the people in the circle is blocked out.

Soon frustration comes that no-one is answering. They are losing patience. They realize that their necks are braced so that their heads are facing forwards, that they are primed to look out, and yet, some strange thing is echoing behind them, in a place they cannot see. An unknown place which they have no words to learn about it with or memories to hold on to.


They fidget nervously.  They search frantically for a noun to cling on to. Even a verb would do.

They are asked to listen to the sounds in the immediate environment without trying to label or analyze them. Sound just for sound’s sake.  This relaxes them because sound has nothing to do with them. It is alien.  Undesirable because it is independent of words.

Then they are asked to listen to the sounds outside the room, again without labelling or analyzing. Some of them are nodding off by now.

No words. No diverse shapes, colors and textures to distract them. They are becoming sad. Their inner is dark, unfamiliar, nothing to do with them. They cannot make sense of it or learn from it.  Just darkness and alien sound.

Then, as the final instruction, they are asked to deepen their breath.


They become excited as the end of this unpleasant and unnecessary experience comes into view. The prospect is bright with its vibrant jungles of words and pictures, with heaps of knowledge already acquired and infinite amounts still to come. They breathe half-heartedly because they are eager to stop and get back to the enchanted jungles.

They are asked to allow their breath to deepen and to watch it as it drops lower in their body.

They give a little more attention to the task to get approval, but always they are aware of the welcome end of this scary experience.

Then suddenly, as they take another peep at the darkness inside, they catch sight of something moving. There are bubbles and a creature swimming. They try to know this presence with words…………

They are once more reminded not to try to label or analyze but just to receive anything they may feel or see or hear.

Now, addicted to images, they are impatient to know who or what this presence is. The questions roll in like breakers on a beach but they are forced to imagine their answers, to speculate. And so, everything else has disappeared from their minds – the circle mates and even memories of them, the scary darkness inside them, the strange attention to their breath, their dead thoughts….. all because of something they have seen.

Their drowsiness has disappeared,  but now they are convinced that they are the victims of a cheap brainwashing trick, convinced that the instructor has planted something in their brains or they have inhaled some hallucinogenic substance which has caused them to see this ghost in the dark abyss!

Soon they are instructed to gently open their eyes but to keep them from encountering any other eyes in the room. Now the questions are loud and aggressive but silent. Who or what was this strange presence inside them and who let it in there?

In time, they are told to open their eyes fully and look around the room. And to smile. They long to talk but are asked to refrain from words until instructed. Asked to look once more at their circle mates resisting labelling or analyzing.

Finally, they are told that they may speak to each other which they enjoy so much, talking frankly about how creepy this experience was and how it taught them nothing. They compare notes about the terrifying darkness and the blue creature.

Then parting the chatter with silence, a tall man looks over at the instructor with a knowing in his eye, and asks,

“Well, come on. Aren’t you going to tell us who you planted inside us? And how you did it?”

The instructor says that it was nothing to do with him.

“But who or what was that?”

The instructor says he cannot possibly comment but that it was probably their True Nature. They have never seen it before because they never look inside at the universe only out into the dream of the world.



Images courtesy of Linden Thorp and Mariko Kinoshita.

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The Origin of Meditation: Making Bonds with the Universe

This meditation article has just been published on! I’m delighted to collaborate with Kevin Ellerton, the Chief Editor. Our mission is identical – to make the resource of meditation available to all beings so that they can become truly happy.

Nirvana Linden

I’ve just published an article in

Please visit this wonderful magazine. Kevin Ellerton, the editor, is doing such a great job in spreading the magic of meditation. Meditation is the greatest resource foreach of us in the secular and plural age!

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The Buddha, founder of Buddhism, 2600 years ago made it clear that we should create and maintain bonds with the Universe even though we have been born into human life. This was a common notion in ancient India before his time.

The Universe encompasses everything that exists, according to our current understanding: spacetime, forms of energy and the physical laws that relate them, history, philosophy, mathematics and logic. Buddhists refer to the Universe, both visible and invisible phenomena, as the Dharma.

The Cathars (medieval Christian mystics pronounced heretics by the Church of Rome and exterminated) also were constantly connected to the spiritual or invisible world although…

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