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Soul Management

our Earth garden



I am not a scholar lost in and fascinated by the Land of my narrow mind;

neither am I a vacant believer hypnotized and indoctrinated by its features and weather.

And I am not asking you to read this and as you do so check to see if I am telling the truth or not, if my facts are straight or not, if my motive is any other than to swank about my knowledge and compete with yours.

For I am not like you.  I am a different flower in the human graden we share.


Turin Shroud


I am not easily fixated on images: they pass me by like bubbles in a stream.

I could never spend millions and years on researching a likeness of Jesus Christ, speculating about medieval forgeries or clandestine Catholic actions or undetected motives.

I cannot make glorified hyped images of fictional gods and deities a priority because I am mesmerised by the living breathing beings who surround me. 

I am always in our garden wearing my coat of unconditional Love and tender gloves. There, I cherish living blooms and make the conditions right for flower deaths and the successful release of their true spirits.




I do not live trapped inside mind-time and man-space. Instead, I live eternal, my petals and shiny leaves splendid as intended.

There is no time to kill with pointless speculation and accumulations of word books, and in my form I can travel anywhere in this Eartly paradise.

Our garden is the ultimate for me before I move off to the next magnificent stage of the process of becoming, so I am not looking to drop to my knees and worship anyone except the magnetic members of my race.






children hypnotized children



consider the millions of human souls who have been distracted from their own True Nature by the beautiful words of philosophers and spiritual leaders


hypnotized 1


imagine the myriad unique spirits which have been hypnotized to follow others instead of following themselves


hypnotized 3


wonder what today’s world would be like if we had gathered enough courage to idolize ourselves as agents for human good and the acceleration of our evolution 


hypnotized 4

bring to mind all the energy we old humans lavish on relatively young imaginary beings when our own DNA as mammals is two hundred million years old and authentic


hypnotized 2


realize how you have allowed yourself to be so deeply hypnotized by the words of other ‘gods’ that you have entirely given up your chance of completing your own evolution and remain a complaining retarded child 




     But it’s never too late to pick up where you left off before the pendulum was swung! 


Start today to water your own seed with anything but words so that you can become the radiant playful new human so desperately needed in this time of synthetic tragedy!




                   Images courtesy of Linden Thorp
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‘Alien’ words



In the waking hours ahead of you today, there will be words which touch you and those which do not.  Some words touch your inner being but most do not because they are superficial, predictable.  This ‘feeling’ which grows when something touches you deeply is significant!  It is a tingling in your vast unconscious, the bulk of the iceberg beneath the mundane surface. The surface is inhabited by the burdensome ‘small’ man.

These alien words will give you both wings to soar through sky heights and strong feet to stand firmly in the very bottom of the gravitational field to find water for your roots.  

However, this may disrupt and distract you from the shallows of the mundane, but this ‘rocking of the boat’ will herald in homo novus, the new human.




Such words are seeds.  Let them settle in your heart when you are alone, without seeking anyone’s approval or support. Such seeds cannot be compared with words which have been surgically implanted through the centuries of sameness and conformity without your knowledge or approval.

So-called ‘great’ men have spoken to you in your language using words that were too understandable, shallow, facile.  So, stay with those words which are in a foreign tongue so that you can hear what you have never heard before.


seed words


‘Alien’ words are all about transformation into the new human, about moving to the next stage of the process of becoming fully human, in line with your True Nature. So listen out for the mysterious and mystical and embrace it!


Images courtesy of Linden Thorp



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Outside the Box


We are heavily socially conditioned beings, but if we stay aware,

we can think outside the box without rocking the boat.

The notion of time and the linear way we calculate it is an artificial man-

made idea. Chronological order according to this theory makes us old

after we are young, puts undeveloped before developed, makes being

late punishable and being early admirable.


Native peoples, on the other hand, see time as a dreaming circle in

which stars and seasons show us how we and the natural world approach

death. Death is a glorious moment of recognition not something to

shudder about.


We can become obsessed with clocktime one step after another,

convinced about its irreversibility, living in its tyranny, but if we step

outside the mind, beyond the visual field into the invisible, it is no

longer important.

look within

Awareness out in the field requires no ideas or theories. It is reality and

magic thrives there. So, please go beyond all this visual paraphernalia

for a little time each day and learn to long for the beginning that

physical death will bring to your personal energy.

It is release. It is moving on to the next stage of the process of spiritual






Images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita and Linden Thorp


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Believe: to hold dear, to esteem, to trust!


belief 4


Why do you choose to believe in others while you do not believe in yourself?

Is it because you do not trust yourself, that you think you are ridiculous, weak, intolerant, incapable, unproductive,……? Or can you only put your entire trust in someone or something outside you in faith that you will get something in return, something you need or desire?


Belief 3


What if I was to tell you that belief is a by-product of thought and thought is dead the moment its light is switched on – a mere flash?

It is simply a vibration that extinguishes quickly like tapping a bell. And what if there were no rewards at any time or in any place? Why do humans make so many conditions, and why oh why do you want to be saved? Saved from what and why? The phantoms of your mind hold you for ransom, infecting you with fear and the canker of speculation.  


There are 3 truths necessary to awaken you from this complete delusion of reward and yourself.

value life


Truth 1:  You do not know yourself.  

Your True Nature is carefully hidden behind a million masks and cardboard-cutout thoughts and beliefs.  You have forgotten how to reach yourself inside because you are always turned outwards yearning for then and there, a puppet controlled by the delusions of past and future. There is no-one or nothing that you should trust or believe in except yourself. Everything else is a clever distraction created by the conspiracy of the material! As you are the sole controller of the world you perceive, how can you not hold yourself dear, esteem yourself, trust yourself? Who can trust the simulacrum you have manufactured except other simulacra? 




Truth 2:  There are no rewards ever or anywhere.

No trading. Only sincere actions that move quickly and directly from the heart like a beautiful dragonfly. Giving is our greatest testament to happiness and balance in the material world. We are our own reward if we live from the heart in every moment.

Truth 3:  There is no-one to save you and nothing to be saved from.

Human life on this Emerald planet is paradise here and now. There may be suffering but we bring it on ourselves then dwell on it complaining constantly.  There would be no suffering if we really stayed here and now and embodied our divine spark. We are the gods and buddhas to believe in not figments and lures of the imagination. 




It is not too late to realise that each human is the way forward for our species and our planet. Not too late to understand that if we do not change nothing will change! Your unique mission is ready for your to take up if you turn away all the external distractions!




Images courtesy of Linden Thorp, OER Commons and megapixyl



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Can we love Imperfection?

Love of what is perfect holds no challenge. And so God, Buddha, Allah, and other magnetic spiritual leaders are always presented as perfect, inscrutable, flawless, and they are imaginary.  Therefore, it is easy to love God, Buddhas, Allah because they are remote to us, etched into our imaginations as paragons.

But we humans are flawed, imperfect, badly wanting and mercilessly judged/judging.  It is difficult to love humans of flesh and faults and yet we are placed where we cannot escape others unless we retreat from the world. Thus, it is the human who is to be overcome, nothing more. 

Humans needs no paragon for they are a process moving towards perfection.

True Love needs the other to be alive, awake, living fully. But we have forgotten how to live fully because we are asleep, turning away from our faults and flaws.

True love is love for love’s sake.  No reward either in hell or paradise.No other motive. Nothing to be gained.

That’s exactly why we have been dropped into this world of suffering where we cheat and lie, maim and kill, envy and covet so contaminated are we by the self-seeking world of form.

It is clear that all political, religious and philosophical leaders are poisoners.  They have brought this world to global suicide.

So, starting now and here, do not say ‘I.’

Instead perform ‘I,’ living fully in your True Nature.

                     Images courtesy of Linden Thorp and Creative Commons


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Homo Novus: the New Human



We can each create a new human deeply rooted in meditation, breathing in the still silence of the deepest recesses of the heart. A human who has moved out of the limited intellect wholesale and who uses the head simply as one fine tool of many. 


mystical turned to fact 1


A human whose priority is no longer logic, but the embodiment of love.

A human who does not care to be rich on the outside but is fascinated by the inner treasures of being.

A human who is fully awake and lit.

A human who is filled with a divine existence and is so overflowing with joy at its appearance that he wants to share it unstintingly with every other being.


knowledge 1


A human who has come back home from pointless questing outside.

A human who is definitively here and now.

The revolution is happening deep inside today!


Bodhi tree


Images courtesy of Linden Thorp and megapixyl


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natural born healers



alchemy 2


               Some say the Devil created the material Universe, the synagogue of Satan,

                                  trapping the element of Divine Light in each being,

                                                          making our innate goodness captive

                                                            in order to purify the world of evil.




If that is so, what a glorious mission we each have

acting out our roles in societies

while all the time our inner light glimmers on

purifying the evil that threatens to envelop us.




….so wonderful to know that our goodness if allowed to glow on and on

can transform this suffering world, that we are each

healers in our own right and have the power to introduce an exquisite and unique light 

into the darkness if we choose to.




images courtesy of Linden Thorp and Creative Commons


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Look at your life. Examine it closely. What makes you happy? What makes you sad? What do you desire? What do you avoid? 

If you do not watch your life carefully to see how you are using each precious moment, then you are living in a state of hypnosis or intoxication

To eliminate such swings in your emotions just accept that most of your suffering is self-induced because you are not accepting that change is inevitable. Change and love are the only two certainties in life.

What are the causes of your states of happiness or unhappiness? Most suffering comes from craving for life to be other than it is

Accept that life is as it is and all things are impermanent. Embrace each experience as it occurs and be ready for the next.

How can we prevent suffering? Drop limited ideas and perceptions about ourselves and others around us. Experiences can be unlearned, can be detached from. We can live life as the pure energy that we are.

To be completely enduring happy we must abandon expectations about the way we live. This is the correct perspective on our short human lives, and to get this perspective, just close your eyes and breathe. Meditation and attention to your breath will make you aware, and awareness is the key to enlightenment.

                 Images courtesy of Linden Thorp, Mariko Kinoshita and


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